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Welcome to Pureland International Qi Gong, a Canadian registered private Qi Gong institution. We are a school for deep spiritual growth to help students to find their greatness and bring the best version of themselves to the world.

Although Master Teresa teaches the original qi gong practices from China, she creates her customized qigong to raise consciousness and expedite healing for the 5th dimension. Qi Gong for Women, Menopause, remote fa chi healing certification are some of her new creations. 

She has been a Qi Gong intuitive healer and visionary for 26 years. An accomplished speaker, 3-time #1 international award-winning author and a single mother, she teaches with humor empowering her students to love themselves, build confidence and manifesting their lives with joy!

The successor of the late Qi Gong Grandmaster Wu Wei-Zhao who obtained the best and top Chinese Qi Gong official title in 1995 and was given the authority to select Qi Gong Master to the Talent Bank of China by The Chinese Qi Gong Science Research, Exchange Service Centre was considered a national treasure. Master Teresa expanded Wu’s knowledge into a new system known as Pureland Qi Gong®. It was expanded on Master Wu’s Mountain Qi Gong and other best traditional Chinese Qi Gong system focusing on how to move the Chi for healing purposes.

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Chi Gong: 

The Natural Menopause Solution

Pre, Menopause, Post and Beyond

Are you a woman struggling through your menopausal transition? You are experiencing discomfort, mood swings, sweating, and/or irritations as your body is going through changes.

Develop Remote Healing Ability 

Live Online 4-Month Training Program taught and healed by Master Teresa

Benefits of Qi Gong

Heal yourself, others, and connect with the energy of the universe with qi gong.


Heal root issues.


Clear disruptive energies.


Manage stress.


Heal naturally.


Clear out old energies.


Build happy relationships.


Empower yourself.


Sleep deeper.


Improve longevity.


Improve your eyesight.


Grow a successful career.


Balance emotions


Improve blood circulation.


Build your life force.


Heal your body in many ways.

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Qi Gong home study classes and programs

In addition to our workshops, Pureland Qi Gong has created in-depth programs focused on some of today’s most important topics: women's issues, eyesight strengthening, heart healing, and more!

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