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Qi Gong (pronounced chee gong) is more ancient in origin than Tai Chi like a mindful moving meditation with gentle movements and relaxing breathwork to reduce stress, balance emotions and boost immunity. Many branches of Qi Gong have a health and medical focus, and have been refined for well over 5000 years to stabilize mood, improve sleep, reduce fatigue, re-energize the body thus promote self-healing, prevent disease, increase alertness and improve longevity. Research has shown that Chi Gong has beneficial effects on immunity and Dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) levels which boosts antibody production (Eisen, 2011). Currently, medical staff in Wuhan, China was seen teaching and practicing Qi Gong with coronavirus patients on Facebook’s Xin Hua News.

“There is indication that living in a continuous state of stress lowers the body’s immunity and ability to fight off viruses, antigens or diseases. We become more susceptible to infections as the stress hormone cortisol can suppress the effectiveness of the immune system.”  – American Psychology Association 2017 Survey.

Internationally recognized Qi Gong Master, Teresa Yeung, founder of Pureland International Qi Gong announces a powerful and simple 5-minute Breathe Easy Qi Gong practice to alleviate stress, anxiety and strengthen the body’s respiratory system, boost immunity against flues like the coronavirus. Breathe Easy Qi Gong can strengthen the heart, help relieve stuffy nose, embarrassing cough bringing a smile on your face.

To support this historic time, she offers you Free Webinars, Live Instagram, new videos on Youtube channel, and Classes by donation so you can re-balance, re-center feeling more calm to deal with all the difficult situations.

About Master Teresa Yeung’s Pureland International Qi Gong

Master Teresa Yeung is an internationally recognized modern generational Master of Chi Gong, speaker, healer, thought-leader, intuitive healer and  3-time #1 international award winning bestselling author.  She founded Pureland International Qi Gong, a certified Canadian private institution. She is the successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s linkeage who obtained the Chinese highest Qi gong official title in 1995 and was considered a national treasure.  Wu was a distinquished Chi Gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® helped millions of people.

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