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Master Teresa Yeung is an internationally recognized generational master of Chi Gong, visionary, medical intuitive and 2 x #1 international bestselling award-winning author. She is the sole successor of grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage.

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Feel Happy, Feel Alive, Feel the Chi

Chi Gong or Qi Gong is a mindful wellness practice that is over 5,000 years old.
Chi Gong helps you feel lighter, more happiness and joy.
Releases stress and anxiety with Qi Gong
Relief from muscle aches and pains with Qi Gong

Grandmaster Weizhao Wu

Wu achieved the highest official Qi Gong title in China and was selected to join the Chinese Talent Bank in 1995.  Wu was a distinguished Chi Gong master, educator, and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong®  which had 4,000 research clinical research studies for 3 years led by 100-medical staff helped millions of people.  Wu was considered a national treasure of China.

We have been selling this video over the decades for $30. We are pleased to be offering this to you as a Thank you and we want you to feel energized and happier now! 

You will greatly benefit practising Qi Gong!

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