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❤️ Welcome to Pureland International Qi Gong, a Canadian registered private Qi Gong school, to find true healing, deep teachings and making new friends through the practice of Qi Gong (Chi Gong) internationally.

 Chi Gong Master Teresa® Yeung has been a Chi Gong intuitive healer and visionary modern teacher for 24 years. Accomplished speaker and 3-time #1 international award-winning author, she teaches classes with humor and is famous in her remote sessions and international workshop also offered online.

 Successor of the late Qi Gong Grandmaster Wu Wei-Zhao who obtained the Chinese highest Qi Gong official title in 1995 and was given the authority to select Qi Gong Master to the Talent Bank of China by The Chinese Qi Gong Science Research, Exchange Service Centre was considered a national treasure.

 Master Teresa expanded Wu’s knowledge into a new system known as Pureland Qi Gong®. It was expanded on Master Wu’s Mountain Qi Gong  and other traditional Chinese Chi Gong systems, which primarily focuses on how to move the Chi to balance the physical body.

Master Teresa’s new art of healing, the Pureland Qi Gong®, is a cutting edge Chi Gong practice go beyond the traditional teachings to a new paradigm.

 This revolutionized method of healing is based on raising consciousness to expand mindful awareness as it accelerates healing through the integration of the physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual states with self-love.  Visit our Online course and certification programs at ❤️ Teachable at:



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