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 “When the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

Rare Occurrence It is extremely rare that a female becomes the successor of her master’s Chi Gong (qigong) lineage. Throughout the ages, the blessings and teachings of the master are only passed on to a worthy male student.

Beyond Traditional Chi Gong (Qigong)

Her philosophy is that a life of joy and abundance can be experienced when the emotional, psychological and physiological bodies are in balance. In her Pureland Qi GongⓇ, she raises consciousness, expands knowledge with new teachings to accelerate integrative healing of the physical, emotional and spiritual states. 

Master Teresa Yeung is a Vibrant, Successful Single Mother who has decades of experience training Qi Gong (chi gong) instructors and Fa Chi Si healers. She is a dynamic, compassionate life teacher, healer, speaker, an internationally recognized Generational Master of Qi Gong, visionary, medical intuitive and 2 x #1 international bestselling award-winning author. She is the sole successor of Qi Gong Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage expanding Qi Gong to clear chakras and deep traumatic emotions. She loves to inspire young people to understand what Chi Gong can bring happiness, confidence and balance.

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Grandmaster Weizhao Wu travelled throughout China to seek knowledge and learned over a hundred forms of Qi Gong from the masters hiding in mountains. He fine-tuned his own forms and achieved the highest official Qi Gong title in China. He was selected to join the Chinese Talent Bank in 1995.  Wu was a distinguished Chi Gong master, educator, and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong®  which had 4,000 participants for clinical research studies that took place over 3 years in all the schools in Guangzhong city led by 100-medical staff personnel that helped thousands of people.  Due to the exceptional high vision improvement over 90% rate,  Wu received numerous awards, the influence expanded nationally helped millions. Although Wu left China, the Chinese educational school system continues to include a daily short eye exercise routine throughout in all the schools in China to now in the 13-year free education.  Children seldom need to wear eye glasses helping billions to this date.  Wu was considered a national treasure of China. The Pureland International Qi Gong School carries on this lineage of his Qi Gong forms and teachings internationally.

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