Jacqueline chan - Pureland Qi Gong


 I first learned Chi Gong from the age of 7 years old, with a master from China who was an expert in traditional chi gong forms, tai chi, martial arts and fencing, who also worked in a Chinese sports hospital, and was appointed Qi Gong Master of the Chinese Qi Gong Talent Bank of the Science Research Academy of Chinese Qi Gong. My mother is his successor as an internationally recognized Generational Chi Gong Master and author. I’m a clinical research staff at The Hospital for Sick Children with a masters degree from community services and a new Chi Gong instructor at SickKid’s Wellness Centre. I lead: Introduction to chi gong movements (mindfulness in motion) for a relaxing and rejuvenating practice: gentle movements coordinated with breath and focus to connect to the feeling of “chi” in our body that promotes eudaimonic well-being.