1. Practice of qi gong is most organic and chemical free

2. De-stresses and reduce cortisol stress hormones with each qigong practice

3. You will find qigong practice to be most relaxing and re-energizing even with a 5 minute practice

4. Restores life force energy with the moving qigong meditation

5. Balances side effects of drugs with better circulation

6. Wu’s Eye Qi Gong helps to improve vision eg dry eyes, retina detached, floaters, glaucoma

7. Improve circulation with qigong thus proven to speedup healing from surgeries

8. You train your lung to take in more oxygen much deeper and re-oxygenate the cells

9. Skin will benefit from receiving oxygen and positive vibration from qi gong practice and external qi healing. eg less breakouts, dry skin

10. Qigong practice is like doing masssage to the organs and does help detoxification

11. Reduce inflammation with better blood circuation

12. Relaxes the muscles and joints as you relax your mind and body

13. Balance Ph and alkaline the body and natural result of qi gong practice which improve circulation

14. Reduce all kinds of pain from headaches, migraines, menstrual pain to join pain

15. The gentle massage of the organs improve circulation, strengthen organs have proved to raise testosterone 

16.  Qigong practice improve the functions of organs, endocrine and parts. Some people have reported that it helps infertility,

17. Balance endocrine system is natural as the body improve circulation bringing nutrients to each part of the body

18. Support improvement in autoimmunity issues

19. Relaxes the digestive system has proven to ease discomfort feelings of colitis and irritable bowel system

20. Lower high blood pressure as you relax 

21. Improve metabolism is general results of qi gong practice

22. Regulate body weight with improve body circulation

23. Reduce craving as you balance your mind and body

24. Balance emotions as you relax

25. Build confidence and self-esteem as you change your vibration

26. Improve self-love and self-respect as chi or qi is love. A qi gong practice is to bring love to yourself.

27. Balance the yin and yang energy of the body is natural part of qi gong practice

28. Balance the heart, liver, pancres, lung and kidney with different qi gong movements

29. Tone body parts and nourish cells through better circulation

30. Improve intuition as you learn how to master your mind and you hear your messages better.

31. Improve self-awareness with more peace obtained through qi gong practice

32. Raises DHEA level has been support with qi gong research. DHEA helps anti-aging.

33. Sensitize your senses as you relax to feel more.

34. Reduce fear of failure as calm your mind with qigong

35. Improve sleep as you learn how to take care and relax

36. Balance hormones is natural result of qi gong practice

37. Improve immunity is natural results of qi gong practice

38. Soften the skin and reduce wrinkles is natural result of qi gong practice

39. Helps to reduce grief and rasie you from a low vibration to a high vibration of love chi

40. Economical way of self-healing as you do not have to keep spending money to learn all the time

41. Helps hearing as you can bring better circulation to the ears too

42. Helps allergies to airborne irritants as your immunity improves

43. Helps to reduce food allergies as your digestion improves

44. Helps to recover from virus infection as you are overall stronger

45. Reduce arthritis discomfort as you are toning your whole body

46. Boost athletic performance as you are recovering from your training faster with a qigong practice

47. Helps to stay positive as you feel better after each qigong practice

48. Serve as the base of the law of attraction to attract good things into your life

49. Help you to respond to difficult energies and not take on other peoples negative energy

50. Can practice any time and any place