About The Pureland International Qi Gong School 

“Open Your Heart and Mind to the Power of Qi Gong”


Welcome to Pureland International Qi Gong

Where does the name come from? “Pureland” refers to paradise and as a Chinese character, Pureland is simplicity, purity, and tranquility. It refers to the Pureland Qi Gong forms as stepping stones that elevate a person’s consciousness to a higher degree of tranquility and enlightenment. Originally, the school was founded by the name “Wu & Yeung Health & Wellness Institute” using the two founder’s last names: Master Teresa Yeung & her teacher Grandmaster Weizhou Wu.

In 2014, Master Teresa decided to  operate her name  “The Seventh Happiness School of Chi Gong” to remind the world that chi gong brings out our happiness from within. 

As her teachings expand teaching her Pureland Qi Gong system including hers and that of her teachings,  a new school “Pureland International Qi Gong School” has been founded.

A message from Master Teresa: “Love is chi and true healing comes from within.”

About Master Teresa

Master Teresa Yeung is the successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage who achieved the highest official title of Qi Gong of  China in 1995. He was a national treasure of China selected to join the Chinese Talent Bank of Qi Gong and was authorized to select Qi Gong Master to the Talent Bank. Master Wu studied and learned from hundreds of schools and masters in China and developed his unique Qi Gong system.  Master Teresa and Master Wu worked together for decades and simplified the complicated Qi Gong forms to easy-to-do and efficient energizing healing forms.  She is sharing her teachings and knowledge international and spent decades training new instructors and healers.

To learn more about Master Teresa, please see her biography in the Practitioners area.


A Certified Private Institution

The Minister of Employment and Social Development Canada, has certified Pureland International Qi Gong, under subparagraphs 118.5(1) (a) (ii) and 118.6(1) (a) (ii)of the Canadian Income Tax Act as an educational institution.

As a result, the fees paid to Pureland International Qi Gong for Certification Programs by the students for the purpose of the tuition and education are eligible tuition expenses for Canadian Income Tax purposes.