Master Teresa Yeung feels that Medical Chi Gong is an important part of energy medicine. You have landing onto this page, maybe this is for you and the universe is guiding you here.

When you learn Medical Chi Gong especially the way Master Teresa teaches it, it can be very healing and empowering.  Well, there is not much in this world that is not consumable. Chi Gong is something people can learn and use for life.   In her ebook “Life Force: Miraculous Power of Chi Gong”, many students improve their health by just learning the “Wu’s Health & Fitness Chi Gong”.  

Her Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® digital download with 6 videos set is a much NEEDED “Self-Healing Tool” to improve vision, sleep, headaches, migraines, liver and concentration.  She feels that its really sad to see people losing their vision when they do not know that there is Eye Chi Gong.

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