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Awaken the healers inside you

Master Teresa Yeung invites to understand more what she and her team can help you. Join some of our events online to meet her energy!  Visit

Remote Fa Chi Healers L.1 & 2

Live 4-Month Course personally weekly taught by Master Teresa rarely offered.  Check out how you can also become the next remote healer. The class is handson taught on Zoom with lots of practices and support.


Qi Gong Level 1 Instructors Program

Digital Program with some live classes online : Gain the tools you’ll need to become a qi gong instructor. Learn how to train 2 foundational qi gong forms with Master Teresa. Free gatherings and reviews.

3 months | $997

Fa Chi Level 1: Learn How to Send Chi

Digital program on Teachable. Learn to send chi “fa means project” to multiple parts of the body without depleting your own energy.  Free gatherings and reviews.

2 days / 4 half days | $550

Fa Chi For Acupuncture

Digital program on Teachable For acupuncture practitioners. Gain the tools to send chi through acupuncture needles.

2 days | $550

Qi Gong Level 2 Instructors Program

Digital Program and Live Learning Course: For those who enjoy practicing Qi Gong would love to learn different forms as different teachings provide different energy.  Our instructors have enjoyed teaching our next level of Qi Gong proven successful. This Level 2 requires more commitment of your time to go through.  There are  5 Qi Gong advanced forms for you to explore. Ongoing free gatherings and reviews.

Taught by Master Teresa Yeung.

5 sections | $1450

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Benefits of Qi Gong

Heal yourself, others, and connect with the energy of the universe with qi gong.


Heal root issues.


Clear disruptive energies.


Manage stress.


Heal naturally.


Clear out old energies.


Build happy relationships.


Empower yourself.


Sleep deeper.


Improve longevity.


Improve your eyesight.


Grow a successful career.


Balance emotions


Improve blood circulation.


Build your life force.


Heal your body.

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