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Simple Qi Gong Practice

Simple Qi Gong Practice

Getting Started with Qi Gong, Qigong or Chi Gong. Feel the Chi or Qi 1. Beginners can use sitting or standing position 2. Close the eyes or half-close the eyes to relax 3. Slow down breathing and think. 4. Position hands at navel height. Breathe in and open...

Supplements Master Teresa like

  Canadian $ in Amazon.ca   MY TOP CHOICE:  Ganoderma (Reishi)  Spores Shell Cracked,  the king of mushrooms in China from ancient time to today. This is precious sacred food and can take like a tea. The new technology allows the mass cultivation of this...

University of Toronto, Mindfest 2021

The MINDFEST is a mental health fair that raises awareness about mental health and battles stigma by encouraging discussions about mental illness. The Mindfest explored mental health for students and young people with expert speakers, peer mentors, wellness workshops...


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