QiGong practitioner and trainer, intuitive healer, Angel Empowerment Practitioner, Angel cards reader, and certified AEP Hands on Healing Practitioner. Now, a student of Master Teresa qigong style and her Fa Chi qigong healing method. Over 15 years ago, Carmen discovered QiGong: an ancient practice of building wisdom and balance in life. She has been practicing it ever since and became QiGong trainer in the beautiful style of Qigong, Master’s Lin Kai Ting School.

Constantly pursuing self-improvement, in the last 2 years, she became a student of Master Teresa’s qigong style and her Fa Chi qigong healing method. Carmen’s involvement with healing goes back over 20 years. With a burning passion for knowledge and understanding, she started as a massage therapist and later became energy healer and QiGong trainer. She took an active role in every spiritual community she came across and dedicated her time to healing and helping others.

Thinking back at the healing and energy work she performed for two decades, she realized that she always had help, support, and guidance. So, in an effort to become more aware of her higher connections, she came to be an Angel Empowerment Practitioner and now she is consciously using this powerful and beautiful energy by practicing AEP Hands on Healing. Carmen brings balance to her work: part engineer and part spiritual healer, tending to both equally. She is committed to helping people regain the perfect health and the joy of life that we can all have here, now.

Cell phone: 403-390-6586       e-mail:candrei@shaw.ca