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When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears.

It is extremely rare that a female becomes the successor of her master’s Chi Gong lineage. Throughout the ages, the blessings and teachings of the master are passed on to a worthy male student.

Master Teresa Yeung is the primary and first student of his master, Weizhao Wu, learning side-by-side with him building their international school together for 12 years.  As a visionary master healer, she has evolutionarily shortened the learning time for anyone to become a Chi Gong Instructor, Fa Chi Si (practitioner of Qi Gong) and those who are working on their masterful level. 

Her 25 years in Chi Gong has led her to develop unique ability for sensing, viewing and reading energy remotely and in-person. She is humorous and fun in work with. She loves to inspire you how you can bring your best ability out. She is  often being referred to be the “Real Deal”.

Pureland International Qi Gong is a certified institution of Canada. We respect all modalities, western medicines, and herbal medicines. Our Chi Gong practices are mindful and can be easily integrated into any other practices.  Our most popular certification programs are:

Online Instructors Program 

Online Fa Chi Si Practitioner Program

Online Live Remote Fa Chi Healers Program 

(All programs include: FREE Group Live Online Gatherings, Practices and Reviews)

 REMOTE FA CHI HEALERS PROGRAM Level 1 (8 weeks)   – you will learn how to do Zoom Healing Sessions.



Q:  I am very interested to know more, what is my next step.


1)  It would thrilled when experience the amazing powerful Chi of Master Teresa. See Link to Schedule of Classes.

2) Setup a FREE appointment to meet Master Teresa, please email: Lauren@purelandqigong.com 

3) Visit our YouTubes

Q:  How long is the program? 

A. We have different fine-tuned programs. It can be a weekend to a few months from one level and move to higher levels We have online courses, gatherings and reviews. There are different options to suit different purposes.

e.g. Fa Chi Level 1

You will join the online self-study course which takes 4 days to finish

with FREE online unlimited reviews at no extra fee.

It does not require to touch. Link to Teachable

We can provide you a mentor to help you too. 

There are in person and online classes.

Q:  Do you offer help with buiding a career? 

A.  Master Teresa Yeung is an entrepreneur in nature building her international school. She is also a single mother raising her 3 children 25 years ago by herself.  If you are learning as a hobby, that is awesome.  If you wish to build an income or career, she would love to help guide you on marketing matters. We have in-house coaches too. 

Q:   Other programs

Fa Chi Program for Acupuncturists (NCCAOM)

Feng Shui Consultant for Beginners

Train the Trainers Master Instructor Program

Q:   Does Qi Gong or Chi Gong have Governing Organizations?

NONE. Individual schools internationally create their own programs and names.  We do not use the word “medical” in our certification as we are not medical doctors. The word “medical” can be a big concern in the eyes of some medical doctors challenging their professions. The practice of Chi Gong has been 5,000 years over and has been used as a healing art services.  Relaxation, breathing, gentle movements and positive thinking create peaceful vibration.

Our Chi Gong has been taught in hospitals, schools and universities. Sifu Jacqueline Chan has been teaching in Sick Kids Hospital Wellness Centre for about 2 years now. We have been presenting in universities eg. University of Toronto Mindfest on mental health for 4 years, Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine and Los Angeles Emperors College #2 ranked college of oriental medicines in all USA.

We believe in strategizing your path with you together. Get the most benefits from Chi Gong. Please email us for more information to: Lauren@PurelandQiGong.com





































































































































































































































































Pureland International teaches different as the master teacher is a woman.  Master Teresa Yeung is a teacher and a practitioner using Chi to do the healing work online and in person. As she reads, writes and can listen to Chineselanguage, she is simplifying the complicated learnings to be more accessible to the public. She shortens the length of time to be an Instructor and Practitioner with her own exploration and discovery.

The school is a certified institution of Canada and offers online course, online live reviews and gatherings. We are most interested to build a community to like-minded people.  We welcome you to find our more information and see if we are a fit.

Mind you, we do not like reading textbooks like medical books. We believe handson and teach with practice.  As CHi or Qi is energy, we like to practice.  We practice in all classes. o practice and feel them. Books do not really help out.

We shorten the teachings and do not like to drain students with number of hours to complete the course. She believe as she points things out to you, you will practice, practice and practice and not reading.

We welcome you to explore how we can serve you. Our dream is to bring Pureland Qi Gong ®  to as many people coast to coast with Master Teresa.  We believe Qi Gong will continue to thrive and be of great demand internationally.  It would be most exciting to have you to be part of our team.

Is Pureland Qi Gong ® for you?

If you are a person who prefers handson teachings, you would thoroughly enjoy Master Teresa‘s teachings.  You may want to read her #1 international bestselling books, read this page.

True teaching is teaching from the heart.  Qi Gong or Chi Gong is the energy healing most complementary to all modalities.  

Pureland Qi Gong®  is for you bringing you joy, happiness, abundance and the opportunity to have own holistic career.

Although we are old souls, we still need to make a living and earn some money. 




Join our friendly and heartfelt community

A nice backup plan for a career change

We support our graduates with business coaching


1. Online Fa Chi Gong Instructors Programs ( Live Online Sessions or In Person with Master Teresa) 

             – Instructor Level 1, 2 and 3

(Please purchased our #1 international bestseller “Life Force: Miraculous Power of Qi Gong”. )

             – Fa Chi Si Program  Level – 6  (Fa Chi is sending Chi)


 New      Remote Fa Chi Healers Program


2. Medical Chi Gong Certification Program for Healthcare Professionals and Therapists

3. Ancient Fa Chi Healing Program for General Practitioners/Acupuncturists NCCAOM

4. Feng Shui Home Blessings Program

5. Master Instructor Program (Train the Trainers)


We believe in strategizing your path with you so you get the most benefits in the shortest period of time.

Please email us: Support@PurelandQiGong.com