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Master Teresa’s unique ability allows her to scan your body for your physical, emotional and energetic blockages. She actually sees the energy moving which allows her to see how to remove  the negative energy out of the body remotely or in person.  Some energy blockage requires someone with master to erase.  Let Master Teresa give you a hand and remove the blockage that stops you from moving forward.     Email her and ask about how she can help you


Private Chi Balancing Session

In person ~ remote ~  telephone ~ skype 

1. Reduce and clearing aches and pain e.g. frozen shoulder, arthritic issues

2. Reduce stress, anxiety or anger

3. Digestive problems

4. Clearing and improving the functions of any parts of your body eg. tumors, acid reflux, frozen shoulder, skin problems

5. Breathing problems

6. Grief clearing

7. General balancing overall and clearing negative energies



   15 minutes   $60     (choose 1 service)
   30 minutes  $100   ( choose 2 services)
   45 minutes  $150   (choose  3 services)

Personal Transformation Package

Session 1:
Rebalance all chakras and organs
Clearing negative chi, and replenishing with healing chi

Session 2:
Forgiveness – you will feel deep peace as stuck energy is being removed.

Session 3:
Chi empowerment to increase self-love and self-appreciation to oneself

Session 4:
Remove deep traumatic energies on the cellular level

Session 5 to be discussed 

Package Fee for 5 sessions: $600

In person, telephone or online
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“I can’t tell you how amazing I feel.

I feel like I am on top of the world; the cobwebs and tension are leaving me. I am happy for the first time in 4 years. Things also seem to be going better with a  partner too. His attitude is better since my session.  Thank you again.”

“I  am a retired Naturopath Doctor with over 35 years experience as well as a bioenergy healer,  and a medicine woman in excellent health. Unfortunately, there was water contamination recently in my home which was not being detected in time which led me to severe diarrhea from drinking dirty water for a whole month.I was able to heal a lot by myself and my energy level returned well enough that I could shovel snow.  However, for the next 2 months, I still had different health symptoms that I was not able to fully recover from. So I turned to Master Teresa to boost my vital life force energy – chi.  Our remote telephone session helped the first time and I had a few more. I really enjoyed our sessions as I could feel the chi and the increase in energy movement all through my body.  In the most recent telephone session,  I felt so hot I became clammy and sweaty! She also gave me self-help tools.  My symptoms are gradually diminishing. I am now in her Fa Chi Gong Instructor’s program. Thank you Master Teresa for your expertise and care. It is such a privilege to have your help with my health. —-Joan Weir, Naturopathic Doctor and Medicine Woman”

“Master Teresa is an amazingly kind and powerful spirit, I have considered myself a searcher, ultimately for connection, I believe Master Teresa is as connected as I believe anyone can be as a human being. She is truly humble without being modest, owning her gifts, and sharing them with others.”

( in Person, Skype or Telephone )

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