Online Chi Gong Instructors Program - Pureland Qi Gong


1 on 1 

Chi Balancing sessions

  • Balance the physical Body
  • Emotional Balance
  • Balance Chakras and meridians
  • Home & Office Chi blessings
Fa Chi

Fa Chi means project energy 

You can use some advanced teachings to help to perform Chi healing work.

Do you have a calling?

This is an unique especially designed one-of-a-kind Chinese “Fa Chi” program for jumpstarting one’s ability to collect universal Chi :

  • learn to heal using Master Teresa ┬« and Grandmaster Wu’s techniques
  • use the traditional way of Chi (Qi) healing – “no-touching” method
  • learn many fast track specialized and unique hands-on methods
  • learn how to not lose our Qi and become sick when healing others
  • learn to heal safely, easily and effectively
  • become trained to open up and bring Chi (Qi) into your body
  • protect your energy from being sucked away by other people
  • become stronger and confident energy healer
  • learn to heal in sitting, standing and lying positions
  • learn to teach simple yet effective Qi Gong to clients

The use of the program is enormous, for example:

  • anyone who loves energy work and become a Fa Qi Si
  • a daughter can learn how to help the old aging mother who needs lots of help
  • an acupuncturist can learn how to send Qi to needles
  • a nutritionist can send Qi to balance the clients after giving advises
  • a chiropractors can send Qi to ease the pain of patients
  • a Reiki Master wants to increase his/her ability to send Qi

Level 1 – 3 Balance the Physical Body

General Fa Qi Program practitioners with no TCM and acupuncture knowledge

  • Level 1: Learn how to send Qi to balance the head, neck and shoulder issues
  • Level 2: Learn how to balance the arms, legs, lower back issues, internal organs
  • Level 3: Learn how to balance physical issues, colour healing, charkas and meridians/channels

Based on the knowledge of I-ching, philosophies of Tao, Yin/Yang, 5 elements, reflex poins, meridian and channels, visualization. Students learn how to use Master Teresa techniques and Qi to balance family, friends and clients’ energy. In all levels, you will learn to guide clients to self-help using Qi Gong for home practicing.

A Certificate of Attendance will be presented on the last day of the program to each practitioner

Level 4 Balance the Emotional Body

  • Learn how to release emotional stress, sadness, fear anger, griefs and frustrations with Qi. You will learn 6 ways to balance emotions by moving the Chi.
  • Be prepared to feel surprised by the magic of the Chi how you can help yourself and others easily and effectively without knowing their whole life story and they were hurt before any all.
  • Focus on releasing stress, resents, anger and griefs improving self love.

A Certificate of Attendance will be presented on the last day of the program to each practitioner.

Level 5 Remote Healing

  • Level 5 and 6 : Learn to connect to anyone in the world without distance (8-day)

A Certificate of Attendance will be presented on the last day of the program to each practitioner

No Prequisite: Some energy experience, perfect for reiki masters or energy healers who wishes to have more chi and enlightenment

  • Our “Fa Chi” workshops are mostly hands-on.
  • You will be guided to attune and connect to the highest source of energy. Students always feel blissful and achieve a high achievement.
  • Due to the enormous amount of energy we are channeling with Master Teresa’s help, you do feel tired at times. Therefore, for the best experience and your own healing, the design of the workshops are put together with more days and shorter duration in each class. You cannot jump levels in your learning.

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