Even if you are strong and well, still stay inside your home. Why?  


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The above video explains how slow down the spread of Coronavirus is critical method to conquer its spreading. It has to be done at the beginning.

Study has shown from China that the virus

can increase by tenfold in 19 days.  LINK

“The number of coronavirus cases outside China will increase tenfold every 19 days if no drastic measures are taken to contain its spread, according to a study by a team of Chinese scientists.

The research, headed by leading geneticist Jin Li at Fudan University in Shanghai, also traced the spread of the virus outside China back to just 34 “unobserved carriers”.

Jin, who is known as China’s “DNA hunter”, said some of those carriers might be asymptomatic and have been present before or about the same time as the coronavirus was first detected in the central Chinese city of Wuhan.”

Coronavirus is not a living organism

So we cannot kill coronavirus as it is not alive.  It has to be decayed.  From the video above, it explains how the coronavirus confuses the cells of the body hat they are friends so much that they will multiply the coronavirus for them.
( The practice of Qi Gong training your body to listen to your command becomes really critical. 
Connect the mind, body and soul as one to combat this pandemic.  Boost the Chi to boost your immunity.  )
It is most important is to isolate at home and strict outings for supples at no more than twice a week. Coronavirus is transmited human to human mostly and not touching contaminated surfaces will require the wearing of gloves.
If we do it right now, we can even finish this crisis  I think in  2 months. I believe we will be just fine and can nip this in the bud if we practice social distancing and use some of the hand sanitizing products when we are out and wash our hands for 20 seconds and gargle when we arrive home.
Please stop worrying about money and start using our capital differently. We will bounce back much faster by working together. It would be nice if everyone will write to the councilors now by forgiving payments from rent and mortgages to car payments and credit cards.

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Waiver of Liability: These are just suggestions. This is what I, Master Teresa Yeung, Qi Gong Master, am doing at this time of the pandemic and it is for reference. I am not a medical doctor. Please consult your physician for medical advice. I, along with Pureland International Qi Gong and its associates waive our liability. I have been receiving information from different sources from friends from Hong Kong, China, European the coronavirus. There is a lot of good information especially from China on how to take care of yourself the best. I wished to summarize that information here for you. #coronavirus