All memories and difficult feelings are hiding somewhere in your injured body. They are just there! They show up now and then as they are in the cellular level. Pain is just terrible whether they are physical or emotional pain. Stress is the root of health problems.  Release emotions cannot be better than just erasing them with the high vibration Chi which Master Teresa masters how to do. 

Master Teresa, after gone through a lifetime of traumatic experiences. This was not easy for her but helped her to become a great teacher. She knows exactly how to clear you. As she also looks for an easier way to help you, she will show you how you help yourself in a personal session or in her group class. Helping you to find your peace is her wish.

She wrote 4 books and 3 books were #1 international bestseller including  “Unlocking Your Happiness Within Living the Life You Choose with Chi Gong”. The book and workbook are designed for self-help so when you or your friends need help, it will be the perfect tool for moving forward to achieve some balance decreasing the feeling of difficulties.

If you have experienced her healings and joined her classs on “Erase Difficult Emotions with Qi Gong”, please give your feedback.

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  1. Tristan

    Master Teresa is truly gifted and a gift to us all. Fantastic group workshop and an eye-opening experience of how so much healing can happen with so little movement from anyone and no direct touch from the healer. Very highly recommend to anyone to start the journey of healing and personal discovery.

  2. Nina

    This is a wonderful group workshop with Master Teresa. It focuses on the challenges of emotional pain. Master Teresa explains through her own experiences, how past pain that has not been acknowledged and processed, can have a huge negative impact on our well-being. She also shares a powerful heart Qi Gong exercise that can easily be done at home and as many times as necessary. When we did the exercise during the workshop, I felt her healing energy come through, and felt calmer and at emotional peace, afterwords. Wonderful workshop, which I would recommend to anyone that might be dealing with some emotional pain.

    Thank you Master Teresa for offering it to us during these challenging times!

  3. Aaron

    This is a powerful session with Master Teresa. I felt less intensity in strong emotions I was experiencing. The class was so powerful, I slept 10 hours that night, nearly twice as long as I normally need to sleep.

    I love Master Teresa’s accessible and humorous approach.

    Thank you!

  4. Qaiser Ahmad

    Master Teresa is a very caring and knowledgeable Qi Gong practitioner. She asks the right questions to fully understand and determine how best to help. I would highly recommend attending her sessions if you are looking for an effective and alternative way to improve your health and overall well-being.

  5. Cheryl K

    I had the pleasure of attending Master Teresa’s class and was amazed by her intuition and intense healing energy, combined with her kindness and genuine desire to help. The healing technique I learned is extremely powerful and has helped me to feel more connected to myself in a loving way. I would recommend this class to everyone. Thank you so much, Master Teresa.

  6. Julie

    I learned some REALLY powerful techniques to change the way I feel about myself and others—so thankful to have done this. I will definitely do it again!

  7. Yvonne

    I am so thankful for Master Teresa. She has taken me on as a student and teaches me wonderful things every time we do a remote session or seminar. This class helped me very deeply. Before the class, I was feeling very tired, anxious, and sick. I am a law student who is under a great deal of stress. I have also had very painful past relationships Master Teresa’s class helped me to calm myself down and let go of the past pain and embrace my body and my life.

  8. Tanya L.

    Master Teresa is an effective teacher and wonderful kind person. Her class has been helpful in my journey to heal my past emotions. I’ve taken the class 3 times and I’ve felt lighter each time I’ve taken it. I also feel that I’ve learned skills to use on my own. She has also been great during private sessions where I have had an opportunity to explore my journey in more detail.