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#33 Blueprint for Happiness: Orgone for EMF vs crystals with Master Yeung. Subscribe to Newsletters to receive 3 Gifts:

#32 Blueprint for Happiness – Master Teresa’s 94 years old father’s blood pressure 200/80 reduced to 120/70 at 94 without medicine;13 years survivor of thyroid cancer.

#31 Blueprint for Happiness – Finding Happiness – Deep Trance Channelling with David Watson

#30 Dr.Jazz, a Traditionally Trained Hatha Yoga Master With Her PhD In Psychology and Therapeutic Counseling

#29 Blueprint for Happiness – Receiving and Giving

#28 Journey of Hafeez Sumani, a Canadian national athlete recovering from his injury. E: for personal sessions for youth and adults in Calgary. April 23,

#27 Interviewed Mike Popovici, an aeropsace material engineer – recovered from severe migraine headaches. April 6

#26 Master Teresa was sending chi to you. Visualizing how to send Chi to change how you feel. Release the Pain physically and emotionally. March 30, 2017

#20 Blueprint for Happiness – Chinese Medicine with Scott Bray DOM, L.Accu. – How to help the Earth, February 17

#19 Blueprint for Happiness – How to use Affirmation,
February 3

#17 Blueprint for Happiness – Clear F.E.A.R. energy? Cooling the Earth Meditation Helps Less Earthquake Volcano Disruption this year. Read our earlier FBLive Jan 19, 2017

#16 Blueprint for Happiness – A “Cooling the Earth Meditation” is channelled by the soul group “Willows” in this Facebook Live. Jan 12, 2017

#25 Clearing Spirts in Home with Master Chen from Brazil, March 23, 2017

#24 Master Chen on Tao Yin Hun Yuan Chi Gong, March 16, 2017

#23 Interviewed Saud Juman, CEO, energy healer and speaker about “What is your real identity?” March 9, 2017

#22 Cooling the Earth Meditation with Master Teresa, March 2, 2017

#21 Master Teresa spoke on how to release aches and pain, February 23, 2017

#18 Blueprint for Happiness _ Jill Fischer_Meditation, January 28


#14 Blueprint for Happiness – Prediction 2017 – Deep Trance Reading with David Watson Dec 29, 2016.

#13 Blueprint for Happiness – How to pickup the “Joy Energy ” of Christmas Dec 22, 2016

#12 Blueprint for Happiness – Listen to Your Heart – Find your PathDec 15, 2016

#11 Blueprint for Happiness _ A few things we learned in school_Release difficult feelings about Bills to Pay, Dec. 8

#10 Blueprint for Happiness – Rebalance the Body, A Mini Session on Forgive and Let Go, Los Angeles Dec 1

#9 Blueprint for Happiness – Chi is like Water, Introduce the book Power vs Force “Surrender, Shame and Guilt” Nov 24

#8 Blueprint for Happiness – How to visualize a good night sleep, Feel the Chi Technique, British Columbia Nov 17

Enjoy the Sunrise on BC Ferries, Vancouver Islands, British Columbia, 2016

#7 Blueprint for Happiness – Forgive –  Emotions with Heart Chi Gong – Past Life Regression with David Watson – Short Meditation Nov 10