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Where do I begin?

The best place to start is check out the Resources page, where you can access our video library with over 50 archive videos on Chi Gong demonstrations and testimonials, best selling books, articles, and more.

Who is suitable to practice Qi Gong / Chi Gong?

Qi Gong can be practiced by anyone from all ages and backgrounds who is willing to learn and practice. If you have an illness, Chi Gong can help you to fight your disease and get well. If you have no sickness, Chi Gong can enhance the overall well being of your body by strengthening your immune system.

What's Pureland Qi Gong approach to healing?

At Pureland Qigong® we teach how to use the power of Chi to heal the body. We do not use acupuncture needles nor herbal medicine, but we do encourage the use of those modes of practice. We consider it to be part of a larger scientific approach, in which learning nutrition, herbal medicines and other natural healing techniques can only contribute towards a better healing practice.

What is the difference between Tai Chi and Qi Gong or Chi Gong?

Tai Chi is also known as Tai Chi Chuan or Taiji Quan, which means “infinite changes”. It was originally created as a form of slow motion kung fu and Like every kung fu form, it also cultivated the inner life force of Chi energy.
The word ‘Chi’ in Tai Chi does not mean ‘energy’, it has a different meaning from ‘Chi’ as in Chi Gong.

The Chinese practices Tai Chi for general health maintenance like practicing yoga.

Chi Gong in the other hand is required when someone is suffering from illnesses. The Chinese believes that practicing Chi Gong or receiving Chi from a Chi Gong Master may help to save their lives.

Why should you learn Chi Gong from a Qi Gong Master?

The Chi from a master is better connected to The Original Chi, which makes their Chi clean and strong. Furthermore, due to years of practice it has refinement, richness and depth.
The experience acquired through years of practice, is also better suited to provide the necessary knowledge, to guide the practitioner through the right path.

How can you be Certified as Qi Gong Instructor?

Master Teresa and her teachers honour their expertise. Apply for Certification Please send in 2 videos to Pureland Qigong by Google Drive, Youtube or DVD. 1) video 1: demonstrate yourself practicing the 2 forms and giving simple instructions. 2) video 2: demonstrate yourself doing a Chi Balancing Session on another person. You choose to do it sitting, standing or lying down. The fee is $100 Master Teresa will review your forms and will send you some comments. You may qualify to be certified in which case, we will send a certificate to you with a small fee to cover shipping and handling. Should you need to re-certify, the additional fee for the second certfication is $65. You are also welcome to be certified in person at an extra fee.

I am interested in learning more about Fa Chi Gong Instructor Program Level 1?

Wonderful! You can check out our Become an Instructor page and enrol in our online course and start today.

What is the Qi Gong Live Online Blueprint for Success?

The Live Online Blueprint for Success in Your Holistic Business is a self-study course which consists of difference components: Qi Gong Instructor training, Fa Chi Gong Practitioner training and Business Coaching. This is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start go through the program but please do give yourself the time without disturbance. You can find the link on our Teachable page.

My questions isn't listed on this page. Where do I go for more information?

Contact us using our online form on our Contact page, and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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