Hi, This is Master Teresa, your host.  Welcome to join our “Healthy You Conference to find health and life balance with Chi Gong and other techniques.  We deeply thank all speakers who are masterful in their fields for sharing their healing arts with us. Thanks to Dr. Norm Shealy, Shealy Wellness, for all his beautiful energy, knowledge and support.  Thanks to Hafeez Sumani acting as our Marketing Director giving much energy to do what is possible within our means.  With much love and wish that you will enjoy our recordings!

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#1 You Never Stop Learning – Bas Opdenkelder, Founder of School of Indigo Qi Gong, Grimsby Canada | facebook.com/bastiaan.opdenkelder

#2 The Subconscious Mind – Renata Amaev, Transformational Coach Clarity Breathwork Facilitator, Reiki Master, Toronto Canada | www.renataamaev.com 

#3 Healing Physical Injuries with Qi Gong – Keith Murchie, Martial Artist, Qi Gong Instructor and Fa Chi Healer, Pickering Canada

#4 Free Yourself from Chronic Pain – Vera Stern, Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor and Harpist, Ontario Canada | www.verastern.com

#5 How to Organize the Energy of Your Home & Office for Health and Prosperity with Feng Shui – Thea Cosma, Trainer of Feng Shui Consultants, Fa Chi Healer and Reiki Master, Ontario Canada
Online Course: Feng Shui Certification Program Level 1
| www.pureland-qigong.teachable.com/p/feng-shui-level-1/

#6 Chi Gong and Reiki – Erin Dixon, Chi Gong Instructor, Fa Chi Healer, Trainer for Reiki Masters, Ontario Canada Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity | www.banffcentre.ca/events/pathways-truth-and-reconciliation-erin-dixon/20181129/1900

#7 Dental Health and Whole Body Connection World Organization of Natural Medicine – Dame Sheila McKenzie RDH,PhD ,(IMD), IHC, Registered Dental Hygienist, Toronto Canada Doctorate in Integrative Medicine, Doctor of Humanitarian Services Dame Commander Clinics for Humanity International | www.wonm.org

#8 Acupuncture in Relation to Qigong – Zachary Lui, Registered Acupuncturist, Qi Gong Master, Reiki Master,Certified Trainer and Shaman,Quantum Life Science, Toronto Canada | www.wujixuan.ca

#9 Naturopathic Medicine for Women – Dr. Andrea Cleaver ND, Fa Chi Healer, Toronto Canada | www.andreacleaver.com

#10 Qi Gong for Athletic Injuries – Hafeez Sumani, Fa Chi Healer and Former Canadian Athlete, Toronto Canada | www.instagram.com/hafeez_alchemist

#11 The Chi Energy of Business and Life – Robert Clancy, Host of the Mindset Reset Television Show, #1 International Bestseller Author Spiritual Teacher and Co-founder of Spiral Design Studio and President of Guide to the Soul, California USA

#12 Finding Yourself – David Watson, Life Strategist and Deep Trance Channelor, Ontario Canada | www.askthewillows.com

#14 Nutrition 101 – Garry Tibbo, Holistic Nutritionist, Warrior of Truth, Livecell Microscopy, Rainbow Therapy,Toronto Canada | www.garrytibbo.com

#15 5th Dimensional Healing – Nafisha Somani, Energy Healer, Toronto Canada | nafishasomani@gmail.com

#16 Neuropathy and Mammalian Omegas – Cheryl Millett, Holistic Nutritionist, Certified Clinical Iridologist and Mind-Body Healing, Toronto Canada | www.cherylmillett.com

#17 Are You Out of Your Mind To Be In Love? – Bruce Starr, LUVCOACH and Speaker, Florida, USA | facebook.com/LuvcoachBruceStarrShow

#18 Simplifying and Balancing Your Daily Life, While Still Getting It All Done – Mike Popovici, Qi Gong Instructor, Fa Chi Healer, Aerospace Material Engineer, Toronto | www.goodformenaturally.ca/qigong

#19 Classical Homeopathy: Removing the Cause of Illness versus Removing the Symptoms – Liberty Forrest, Homeopath, Psychic Medium, Calgary Canada Compassionate, Heart-Centered Guidance, Award-Winning Author, Huffington Post Contributor | www.libertyforrest.com

#20 Hypnotherapy for Reducing Anxiety – Jill Fischer, Hypnotherapist and Teacher of Intuition, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada | www.jillfischer.ca

#21 Quantum Healing – Dr. Maryam Milani Ph.D., certified EFT practitioner and Hypnotherapist, Toronto Canada | www.maryammilani.com

#22 Late Night Health – Mark Alyn, Host of Late Night Health Awarding Winning Radio, Los Angeles, U.S.A. | www.latenighthealth.com

#23 Canada: A Mindful and Kind Nation – Rev. Dr. Bhanta Saranapala, Urban Buddhist Monk, West End Buddhist Monastery, Canada | www.westendbuddhist.com

#24 Autoimmune Hour – Sharon Sayler, professional trainer and best-selling author, Host of Autoimmune Hour Podcast USA MBA, PCC is a communications and body language expert affectionately dubbed “the difficult people whisperer.” | www.sharonsayler.com

#25 Find Out More About Your Body with Hair Mineral Analysis – Frank Roberts, Toronto Canada | info@canaltlabs.ca

#26 Reinventing yourself from the inside out – Servet Hasan, Award-Winning Author of Life in Transition, Motivational Speaker and Intuitive Ink Radio Host, California USA | www.servethasan.com

#27 The 3 Cs of Change and Why Everyone Should Apply Them Daily – Luis Rivera, Certified Holistic Health and Wellness Coach USA #1 International Bestseller Author of Unlocking Your Happiness Within, Toronto Canada | www.luisriverams.com | Mt@purelandqigong.com

#29 Chi Gong for Children – Jacqueline Chan, M.A. in Early Childhood Studies. B.A. Psychology, Qi Gong Instructor, Fa Chi Healer, Toronto Ontario Canada

#30 Unlocking Your Happiness Within – Master Teresa Yeung, Your Host, Chi Gong Master, Medical Intuitive

#31 Live Beyond 100  – Dr. Norm Shealy, MD. PhD, Missouri USA
President of International Institute of Holistic Medicine.President of Shealy Wellness, Founding President of American Holistic Medical Association, Author, Conversations with G; A Physician’s Encounter with Haven Editor: International Journal of Holistic Medicine and Journal of Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Tiwehkt, Nemenhah Native American Church, Sacred Vibration Society | www.shealywellness.com

#32 Holistic Chamber of Commerce – Camille Leon, President and Founder of Holistic Chamber of Commerce | www.holisticchamberofcommerce.com

#33 Healthy Living – Andrew Rezmer, Conscious Living Radio Show Host, British Columbia Canada | www.rezmer.com

#34 Alchemical Transformation with Qigong – Brandon Warren, Energy Healer, Instructor and Student of Herbal Medicine, Calgary, Canada | brandon.warrencdi@gmail.com

#36 Lighten Up and Let Go for More Health, Happiness and Peace – Valerie Sheppard, catastrophic-stroke survivor, inspirational keynote -speaker, university lecturer CEO of the Heart of Living Vibrantly,Irine California, USA | www.happytobeme.net

#37 Building a radical platform through visibility, Avoid the Three Mistakes Leaders Make That Keep Them From Being the Go-To Authority – Debbi Dachinger, Media Personality and Expert in Utilizing Visibility for Success, Los Angeles, USA | www.debbidachinger.com/wp

#38 Is Acupuncture Scientific or is it B..S….? – Jonathan M Fields, Founder of Integrative Medicine USA, Acupuncture Physician and Doctor of Oriental Medicine, Miami Florida USA | www.acupuncturecoconutcreek.com

#39 My Journey – Edward Dolezal, Universal Tai Chi and Qi Gong Institute, Tai Chi and Qi Gong Instructor, Fa Chi Healing, Founder | www.acupuncturecoconutcreek.com

#40 Are We Truly Seeking Happiness ?  – Anil Gupta, Electrifying Catalyst, Happiness Coach, Florida USA | www.immediatehappiness.com

#41 Benefits of Chi Gong in Life, Health, Infertility and Business – Lana Unger, Registered Acupuncturist, Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada www.innerharmony.ca

#42 How Can Shealy-Sorin Biogenics System Benefit You? – Dr. Sergey Sorin MD., CEO & Vice-President, International Institute of Holistic Medicine, Missouri, USA | wwww.drsergeysorin.com

#43 Master Your Energy Chi – Master Shirley Mueller is Cosmic Healing Chi Kung Healer and Teacher, Universal TAO Instructor, Medical Zhineng Qi Gong Self Healer, Naturopath, Germany | www.facebook.com/shirley.mueller

#44 How a Nurse Pursue Her Holistic Dream – Peggy Rahn, Registered Nurse, Reik, Therapy, Nanaimo | peggyannrahn@gmail.com

#45 Turn Stress to Success – Dr. Lin Morel, Masterful Healer, California, USA | www.drlinmorel.com

#46 Benefits of Qi Gong – Tom Rogers, President of Qigong Institute from 2004, Los Altos, California, USA | www.qigonginstitute.org

#47 The Power of Mother Nature and the Life Lessons Learned from Flowers Activating Your Super Powers for Purpose – Beth Bell, Flower Whisperer, International Entrepreneur. Radio Show Host, Bali Indonesia | www.facebook.com/blossomblissbali

#48 Food for Thought: Optimal Nutrition for Your Brain – Dr. Patrick Callas, Naturopathic Doctor and Chi Gong Practitioner, Surrey, British Columbia Canada | www.scimedicahealth.com/our-team/dr-patrick-callas-nd/

#49 Being You – David Watson, Life Strategist and Deep Trance Channelor, Ontario Canada | www.askthewillows.com

#50 Reiki – Harpreet Aujla, Reiki Master, Fa Chi Healer, Toronto Canada | sidhuharpreet108@gmail.com%20

#51 Heal from the Heart – Master Teresa Yeung, Chi Gong Master, Your Host, Toronto Canada