Heal Your Pets

Bring in Universal Chi to Heal

Help your pets to live longer 

Save thousands of dollars in bills 

Give Healing to Y o u r  P e t s  

Develop Your Ability to Send Healing

Do Healing on Your Pets Anytime You Wish 

You learn: 

1) protect your energy

2) improve your ability to bring in universal Chi. 

3) let go negative Chi 

4) comfort your pets with Chi

5) balance the energy of health issues

5) create possible new source of  income 

The 3 Modules

5 hours

taught by Master Teresa

Live online Zoom 

Balance the energy of the pet owners
  • Learn how to empty the thoughts and return to peace
  • Learn how to clear your own negative energies with Master Teresa’s techniques
  • Answer your questions
How to Facilitate a 10 Minute Qi Balancing Session on Your Pets

You are shown how to balance your energy and prepare for facilitating a session 

  • We clear our energies well before facilitating any healing  
  • You practice it first on yourself  
  • Ground your energy
  • Increase your energy
  • Clear energy blockages of your pets and support healing of  stress, aches, pain, tightness, swelling…
  • Overall balancing
Protect Your Energy

In each class, you learn how to replenish yourself guided by Master Teresa 

  • balance yourself before and after giving a session
  • how to protect your energy 
Create Your Possibility to Build Healing Business
  • Master Teresa will explain how a healing business can be built
  • How you can start building one
  • She provides resources to assist you
  • Further studies will be suggested eg  a 6-month program to help human beings


  3-Evening May 25 – 28

 8:00pm ET to 9:30pm ET

      ** Toronto time zone ***


The 3 day will work if you have a real pet around

but you can also use a plush stuffed pet.

Master Teresa does not have a real pet around herself.



Take advantage of the special going on now !


First hour refund policy

We love what we are doing.

You can ask for a refund after the first hour should you do not want to continue the class.  

We will be happy to give you a refund minus $20 administration fee.

heal pets
heal cat
send chi to dog


  1. Joan Weir

    It is always a pleasure and a privilege to be in one of Master Teresa’s classes. She always reminds me of the importance of regular practice in connecting with the universal Qi and that it is when I allow it to flow through me that I can become a conduit for the energy to serve others…people as well as animals. Master Teresa teaches with such wisdom as well as light-hearted humour that she makes it fun while helping me to become more grounded and focused on connecting with the energy all around me.
    Thank you for your generosity in sharing all you have learned and your patience with all of us as we work at learning it too….much love

  2. Mary Shoemaker

    The Pet Healing class was a great experience! Master Teresa is a gifted healer and a wonderful teacher. In this class, I learned how to connect with the universal energy (chi), clear myself, and use the chi to help my pets. I was amazed to observe how the participants’ pets became calm and relaxed during the practice! It was enlightening to see how connected we are to the universe and each other and how our energy can affect those around us. I think this class would be helpful to anyone living or working with animals. Thank you, Master Teresa, for sharing your gift!

  3. Lauren

    Master Teresa’s pet healing course was a wonderful opportunity to learn directly from an experienced Qi Gong Master. I have been curious to understand more in depth about qi energy and it’s healing benefits. Knowing how she has worked to heal many people and pets over the years, I thought it would be a good skill to apply to help my beloved pets too! The course was informative, interactive and we spent time clearing our own energies. I feel more educated about healing animals and continue to absorb the wisdom from Qi Gong Master Teresa, a loving healer and teacher who radiates such a warmth of spirit! It is always a pleasure to be in class and with other like-minded seekers.

    ❤️ Lauren

  4. Julie Tirakian

    What a wonderful opportunity this course presented for me!!! Thanks to Master Teresa’s guidance and support, I am becoming more confident and able to connect with chi and support my animal companions. Time with Master Teresa and her beautiful chi is ALWAYS time well spent. 😊💕
    With love and gratitude,

  5. Louise

    The three day workshop was extremely enjoyable. I learned how to balance and clear myself which I have started as part of my self care and my anxiety has decreased considerably.
    My cats have been extremely appreciative as well. I have noticed that they seem happier, spending more time with us cuddling. I am grateful to Master Teresa for all her guidance and care.

  6. Jane

    I love Master Teresa’s classes, the energies that she brings in are so powerful. I highly recommend anybody to try her classes. If you have pet(s), I really recommend this pet healing course. It can help you save a lot of money in the long run and you’ll feel so happy to perform healing on and bond with your pet(s)

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Testimonials from Students



I am so grateful to have joined the program. It was an answer to my prayer to be able to provide distance healing to people and animals in a way that maintains my own personal energy.  In each class Master Teresa provided exceptional support and patient, personal instruction within a group of wonderful, like-hearted souls on their individual healing journeys.    There is a growing place for this work in our rapidly changing world, and  I am so honored to be able to make a meaningful difference for those in need and for animals. I have grown in more ways than I can say and would recommend this course to anyone interested.  It is truly a gift that gives to all. Blessings,

Cheryl, USA

 Now, having completed the Remote Fa Chi course, I can say with certainty that anyone possessing a desire to connect with chi and the willingness to practice can learn to send it to others.  Master Teresa’s teaching methods have helped me to form a stronger connection with myself, with God, and with the chi that is all around me.I feel more confident now, and I’ve begun offering sessions to family and friends.My connection with and chi grows with each practice, and I look forward to taking additional classes in the future. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to heal self or others.Thank you, Master Teresa!
Julie, USA

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