Unlocking Your Happiness Within

When Master Teresa  was hosting the Shift Consciousness Energy Conference in Calgary in 2016, the city was very depressed after oil companies laid off thousands of people right before my event. Many people at the event could really feel a lot better. Her Heart Chi Gong presentation was taped the first time. She is most grateful for all the participants who joined, especially allowing her to tape them before and after the Heart Chi Gong practice.  


Cost: $25 (appr. 45 min)


Loosen up your neck and shoulders

Master Teresa created Chair Chi Gong™ to bring you more happiness. The form is created to reduce the fatigue for sitting long hours on a chair, especially when many people are required to work in front of a computer for the whole day. It’s also a lovely form to support those in a wheelchair.

It is a quick balancing that can reduces stress, loosening up the neck, shoulder and back. It is excellent for grounding energy, and you may experience buzzing around the arms during practice. You will be happier  and feel more joy after doing the practice.

Cost: $15 (appr. 12 min)

Relive 2-Day Shift Energy Conference™

17 Videos and 1 Audio

 In 2016, Master Teresa really felt Calgary could benefit from a holistic conference to shift the depressed spirits of the economy.  She did her best creating a conference from nothing and with her limited ability successfully held the conference with 14 mastermind healers with great energy and skills.  The Conference, with 17 valuable videos taped were taped. Participants have then changed their jobs, moved on and some created new life-changing programs. The Conference, with 17 videos taped, participants have then changed their jobs, moved on and some created new life-changing programs. The 2-day conference can be relived.They are useful life-changing tools.

Cost: $159 only (includes the Heart Chi Gong, Chair Chi Gong, Money Chi Gong forms)