Thank you so much for joining Master Teresa’s Qi Gong classes. She loves to teach and enjoys all her students with an open heart.
She can use help to inspire other people to understand the benefits of her Qi Gong and teachings. During this historical time of Covid-19, people have high level of doubt and skepticism.  Please share your comments freely and we love to hear from you.
1) Did you find the class helpful
2) Did the class meet your expectation
3) Did you learn something important that support you for joining the class
4) Will you recommend Master Teresa to your friends and family


Your comments will encourage others to join and make a difference in their lives.
Please feel freely to express yourself.

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  1. Julie

    WOW!! The results of the chi we’re almost immediate. After class I felt 100% better than I had before. I definitely felt my arthritis pain subside, and I’m excited to see what results continued practice will bring!

  2. Lauren

    I’m currently enrolled in Master Teresa’s 4-week program to Create a Healthy Strong Body and have noticed a significant difference in the way I feel. I have been struggling with pain, fibromyalgia and migraines for nearly 25 years and in the past couple weeks have felt better than I can remember. I’m more comfortable in my skin, my shoulders have relaxed and in last class had a strong tension migraine, the pain significantly decreased with gentle movements and the energetic healing. I have utilized her meditations when stressed, to relax and enjoy practicing in nature. Master Teresa has a radiant, healing heart and I feel so lucky to feel supported by her and the practice of Qi Gong…I highly recommend giving it a try!

  3. Tanya from Toronto

    I have been really enjoying Master Teresa’s remote class. I feel very welcomed and she explains the information in ways that I can really understand. I leave her classes feeling relaxed and empowered to keep practicing on my own. I am very thankful for all of Master Teresa’s lessons, she teaches something different every time.