Master Teresa 

Generational Qi Gong (Chi Gong) Master

Founder of  Pureland International Qi Gong

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.

Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.[/et_pb_code]

Master Teresa’s Qi Gong beats all drugs in overall health improvement.

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.Founding President, American Holistic Medical Associations

Master Teresa Yeung is truly one of the most remarkable Qi Gong masters I have had the pleasure to experience. I’ve had remarkable sessions with her and most recently absolutely incredible sessions via Zoom. Each session has truly been transcendent.

Crystal Santos-Copage, Stuntwoman, USA

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Master Teresa Yeung Founder of Pureland Qi Gong®


Master Teresa spoke and demonstrated Qi Gong at:

May 2024 – Presented at March 2024 – Presented at Mindfest mental health fair organized by the Department of Psychiatry, University of Toronto

Feb 2024 – Presented at  the Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) University of Toronto, Feb 2024.

Nov 2023 – Biohacking Breath Guest Lecture, Department for the Study of Religion/The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Studies.

Sept. 2023 – Presenter at the  Science of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a Whole Person Health , a landmark conference organized by Osher Center for Integrative Medicine – jointly based with the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 2023



  • Trophy Grand Prize and Health Professional of the Year Golden Gala Award 2022 presented by EZWAY Broadcast TV.
  • Chi Gong Master Award  presented by Local Experts 
  • Achievement Award, the World Organization of Natural Medicine (WONM).
  • She has been interviewed numerous times on Western TVs and the popular Chinese Fairchild TV,  radios and podcasts.

Teresa Yeung

Master Teresa Yeung is a rare female generational Qi Gong master, as 99% are men, and has been teaching Qi Gong for 29 years. She is a three-time #1 International Bestselling Award-Winning Author, speaker, and trainer, as well as the founder of Pureland International Qi Gong, a Canadian registered private Qi Gong institution. In 2023, she presented with her daughter, Jacqueline, at the Science of Tai Chi and Qi Gong as a Whole Person Health , a landmark conference organized by Osher Center for Integrative Medicine – jointly based with the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 2023. Their presentation focused on Qi Gong to Improve Vision and Qi Gong for Menopausal Transition. Master Teresa is the leading successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s lineage, who has positively impacted millions of people. Additionally, she is a provider of continuing education professional development activities (PDA) accredited by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM) in the USA.


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For decades, Master Teresa has been giving hope and joy to people all over the world, teaching her philosophy and Qi Gong. She is passionate about helping people reclaim their health and wellbeing, and overcome their biggest challenges by creating different easy-to-practice Pureland Qi Gong® forms and certification programs.

Now at 66, she is an inspiration of balanced and calm energy, excellent health and success for single mothers. Living through her many traumas, she has demonstrated that women can heal themselves: help heal others, be entrepreneurial, and live a full meaningful life while raising successful children with no spousal support; and helping them overcome their own health issues with qi gong practices.

“Never be too busy for chi and put health first” are her guiding principles, especially for female students. Many women seek Master Teresa’s help when they need balancing or under stress. They may also be suffering from depression, physical ailments that comes with aging or a serious disease, such as cancer. While her Pureland Qi Gong benefits everyone, she recognizes that women have a natural energy unique to them. Recently, she developed a cutting-edge Women’s Issues Qi Gong, carefully designed for women’s health from adolescence to post menopause. It beautifully provides full body circulation that clears and firms the skin, arms, neck and shoulders, rejuvenates the glands and internal organs; energizes the meridian channels, chakras, endocrine system; balances the yin and yang, digestive tract, breasts, and the female reproductive system.


Additional Information

It is rare for a female to become the sole successor of a generational qi gong lineage, as most qi gong masters are men. Master Teresa Yeung is the exception. She is the sole successor of the late Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s qi gong lineage. Wu was a distinguished qi gong master, educator and creator of the highly successful Wu’s Eye Qi Gong in which 4,000 people participated in the research studies for three years. Since then, it has helped millions of people around the world.

Master Teresa is approved by the U.S.A. National Certification Commission for Acupuncturists and Oriental Medicine (NCCAOM), as a continuing education professional development activity (PDA) provider and has been teaching in the California Emperor’s College School of Traditional Medicine, #2 best acupuncture school in the USA for a few years.

Her teachings have expanded to hospitals, universities and schools:

  • Varous departments of University of Toronto: Department of Applied Psychology & Human Development. Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE),  Department for the Study of Religion/The Robert H.N. Ho Family Foundation Centre for Buddhist Studies 2023-2024
  • The Science of Tai Chi Qi Gong as a Whole Person Health Conference organized by the Osher Center for Integrative Medicine – jointly based with the Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Sept 18/19, 2023
  • University of Toronto, Mindfest Fair organized by Psychiatry 2014 – 2024 for 9 years
  • Emperor’s College ranked No. 1 in California and No. 2 in all U.S.A. for 2 years
  • Sick Kids Hospitals Master Teresa’s daughter, Jacqueline Chan for 2 years
  • Canadian College of Naturopathic Medicine CCNM, 2019 and 2020
  • Albert Campbell Collegiate Institute – 700 students in 2020
  • Maclin Primary School, Scarborough Ontario in their wellness day 2020
  • Mount Sinai Hospital

She has also hosted online events, live shows and conferences:

  • Over 200 free and by donations events online during Covid 2020 to present
  • Instagram Teresa’s Wellbeing Live Show 2020
  • Healthy You Conference: Find Health and Life Balance with Chi Gong and Other Techniques 2018
  • British Columbia First Surrey Health and Wellness Convention 2017
  • Calgary First Shift Consciousness Energy Conference 2016
  • Facebook Live Series in 2019

Master Teresa has also been interviewed numerous times on TVs and the popular Chinese Fairchild TV, magazines, radios and podcasts.



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on ZOOM, Telephone or Photo ….

She helps animals too.

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Thank you immensely for the incredible session yesterday. It served as a fantastic introduction for many of our audience members, especially one participant who shared how it resonated deeply, evoking childhood memories of her mother, which proved to be profoundly healing. We also heard numerous others express how the session helped them re-center and ground themselves, particularly after hectic work days that often pull them in various directions. In times like these, I do strongly believe that it’s essential to incorporate diverse aspects of healing, recognizing that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to supporting people’s well-being.
We will be sending the recordings to participants who registered and were unable to attend live with us and will be sharing your contact information with them. Thank you very much for your time.
Si Liew
Director of Self care & Wellness at NAAAP (National Association of Activity Professionals) 

Master Teresa is a Master! She is spectacular at zeroing in on what ails you emotionally or physically and (even remotely) can heal the issue. I’ve worked with Master Teresa for years and recommend her services. She is beyond this world as a brilliant healer, very powerful.  

Debbi Dachinger

Media Personality and Host of Dare to Dream Award Winning Podcast for 13 years.

Teresa is amazing and in these troubled times, her continued and reasonably priced support is invaluable. TO be balanced and flowing more easily is great! It’s truly a blessing to be supported by her wisdom and innate experience of interfacing lifeforce CHI and our bodies in sync and harmony. Namaste  

Gary Stuart

Best-selling Author and Constellation facilitator

We all know Master Teresa as a true master of Qigong, but in reality, she is something much more significant than that. She is a true master and teacher of life. The skills she harnesses and passes on to others can make the difference between living a life of mediocrity or one of joy.

I am a martial artist and a platinum selling, #1 Billboard USA recording artist who lived through the darkness and volatile nature of the music industry. Like many others, I fell to the lowest of lows in a deep depression I never thought I could ever crawl out of. At one point I was on four different anti-anxiety and depression medications just to get out of bed in the morning. However, these medications never bring you true joy and are merely a blanket over top of the root issue which flows through the body like poison. One day I decided that there was more to life than the misery I had become, so I decided to study the way of Qigong, Buddha and energy healing. Although I have met many great masters along my journey, Master Teresa stands tall above all. The knowledge I have learned from her has been truly healing and has brought my mind, spirit and body back to life. However, the most beautiful part of all is that I now get to share this knowledge with many of my own people and have had the pleasure of watching them heal. The most valuable life lesson I have learned is that it is NEVER too late to take back your life and clean yourself from the inside. Now, that is true power.

Sal Costa

Martial Artist, Platinum Selling # 1 Billboard USA Recording Artist

I am a young Law School student who struggles with an incurable, unknown, chronic bladder pain condition. I was diagnosed with the condition in 2014. The pain used to keep me up at night, cause me stress, distract me, and even bring me to tears, until Master Teresa started to help me. In less than a month, my pain has reduced greatly and I hardly suffer anymore.

I also have a history of emotional pain and suffering. Master Teresa has helped and continues to help me overcome grief, pain from past relationships, the stress and pressure of school, my own self-judgment, and feelings of fear.

I cannot thank Master Teresa enough. She is kind, funny, caring, and genuine. She helps me so, so much. She is guiding me and teaching me to heal my body and mind.

I feel so grateful to know and work with her. I am gracious. I will continue to work with her so that I can grow and spread light.

Yvonne, Law Student USA

I experienced Master Teresa’s presentations on 2 occasions the last year including her presenting at the outset of one of our retreats. Her simple and natural way of leading traditional Chi Gong meditative sessions in modern a way is impressive, fun and relaxing and were useful for increasing participation at our event. Our thought leaders of the Evolutionary Business Council learned useful Chi Gong de-stressing techniques also surprisingly loosened up the tired neck and shoulder feeling rejuvenating in minutes (This form of breathing is like Chinese yoga combining mind body breathing with gentle movements). I’d recommend Master Teresa to any individuals and organizations needing presenters. She has a wonderful methods for increasing productivity, creativity and better health.

Teresa de Grosbois

#1 International Bestselling Author and International Speaker, Evolutionary Business Council

 Remote Healing By Using a Photo to Connect: 

Julie and Bambi

The horse I am leasing was colicing severely. Colic is an EXTREMELY PAINFUL condition in horses’ intestines that occurs suddenly and can be life threatening. The vet examination revealed a bowel impaction that was extremely hard to the touch. He  (the vet) thought that surgery might be required and recommended that we not wait to take the horse to the university equine hospital 2 hours away. I contacted Master Teresa and asked for her help. When we arrived at the university, the attending veterinarian found that the impaction was no longer hard and had softened a great deal. This meant that surgery might not be required and that the impaction could be cleared by oral administration of fluids, (the least invasive option). Attendants were also surprised that Bambi appeared to be so comfortable, given her condition. Master Teresa continued to send energy overnight. The next day we received word that Bambi was improving faster than expected, and that she would be released a day early. Since so much less intervention was needed, the hospital bill was LESS than HALF of the original estimate!

Amazing!!  We are so grateful!💗 Julie Tirakian

These past months have hit many of us hard at so many levels. When covid hit, our physical and mental health suffered and many of us were hit financially when work stopped.  Grateful that you made your valuable classes financially accessible when we needed it most.  Thank you, especially for your Heart Qigong workshops, that provide a safe space for us to unbury, explore and to share deeply; most importantly, to heal.


Teresa is an in incredible teacher and mentor and has a wealth of skills and has total mastery of her subject. I was honored to spend time with her and was very impressed with her knowledge and willingness to help others in an authentic and pure manner. She has the expertise and desire to bring immense value. I highly recommend Teresa.

Anil Gupta

Results focused Mindset Expert. Tedx, Harvard, Fox News, Sky TV Speaker. Inspiring keynotes, workshops, executive mindset. Intl. Bestselling Author.

I have the deepest appreciation for Master Teresa. My first experience with her energy work was in person and I immediately felt energized and uplifted. But it took a year or two before I contacted her.

The clarity and love in her being is noticeable and inspiring. I knew I needed to learn what she knows.

That led me to book several remote sessions to address some target issues at their root cause. I had a combination of things I was working on from weight loss to aligning all aspects of my being with my life’s work and relocating.

Since that time I have made some amazing connections that are bringing my hopes and visions into focus for manifestation…and it is unfolding in ways that support my peace of mind, increase values aligned opportunities for my success and enhance all that is good in my life. I accepted an offer with a UN-accredited nonprofit that gave new value to the work.

And I’ve lost about 20 pounds.

My whole approach to my work has changed. I am living so much more of the life i had imagined.

As well as being a friend, I consider Master Teresa to be part of my success team. She had taught me how to use Qi Gong as an approach to work with the energy in my life. At the most basic level consciously directing the energy to manage our emotions is transformative. But what Master Teresa does with her ability to read and see us as energy and do what she does to clear and reorganize our energy is life changing.

I appreciate all I have learned and will continue to learn with her.

Yvette Dubel

Personal Innovation Mentor & Artist-Researcher, Empowered Innovation[CFAaP] System


I  am a retired Naturopath Doctor with over 35 years experience as well as a bioenergy healer,  and a medicine woman in excellent health. Unfortunately, there was water contamination recently in my home which was not being detected in time which led me to severe diarrhea from drinking dirty water for a whole month.I was able to heal a lot by myself and my energy level returned well enough that I could shovel snow.  However, for the next 2 months, I still had different health symptoms that I was not able to fully recover from. So I turned to Master Teresa to boost my vital life force energy – chi.  

Our remote telephone session helped the first time and I had a few more. I really enjoyed our sessions as I could feel the chi and the increase in energy movement all through my body.  In the most recent telephone session,  I felt so hot I became clammy and sweaty! She also gave me self-help tools.  My symptoms are gradually diminishing. I am now in her Fa Chi Gong Instructor’s program. Thank you Master Teresa for your expertise and care. It is such a privilege to have your help with my health.

—- Joan Weir, Naturopathic Doctor and Medicine Woman

I’m currently enrolled in Master Teresa’s 4-week program to Create a Healthy Strong Body and have noticed a significant difference in the way I feel. I have been struggling with pain, fibromyalgia and migraines for nearly 25 years and in the past couple weeks have felt better than I can remember. I’m more comfortable in my skin, my shoulders have relaxed and in last class had a strong tension migraine, the pain significantly decreased with gentle movements and the energetic healing. I have utilized her meditations when stressed, to relax and enjoy practicing in nature. Master Teresa has a radiant, healing heart and I feel so lucky to feel supported by her and the practice of Qi Gong…I highly recommend giving it a try! – Lauren, Toronto


I have been really enjoying Master Teresa’s remote class. I feel very welcomed and she explains the information in ways that I can really understand. I leave her classes feeling relaxed and empowered to keep practicing on my own. I am very thankful for all of Master Teresa’s lessons, she teaches something different every time. – Tanya, Toronto

This was my first session with Master Teresa! She was able to open the heart chakra for which I had closed for a long time due to a broken heart. My soul feels 1000 lbs lighter. I am excited to continue my journey of healing with Qi Gong. — Sharon Robinson, USA

My remote healing session with Master Teresa was very helpful. She validated many things I had been feeling and actively working on as well as provided insights for new awareness’s. I had a burst of energy afterwards and could feel some of the areas of stagnation working to integrate the new flow. I also felt really hungry, which to me was a good sign considering my appetite has been low for months. Appreciated her guidance and am feeling hopeful for continued healing. — Sandi Beaupre, BC

In the last 10 years, Master Teresa had helped me out quite a few times, when I was feeling completely drained and stressed out. Each time, this gave me a chance to get a clear picture of the situation, allowing me to review it and change my perspective and adapt. Such balancing allowed me to improve my well being, which in turn allow me to improve my situation.

I recommend you try it, for emotional or physical issues (as they are so connected anyway). Thank you! – Egor A.

Thank you Master Teresa! It was wonderful to experience a greater sense of lightness during, as well as after, the session. The areas worked on feel much better. Not only did you work on the areas I brought to your attention, but you also helped me become aware of other parts of my body that needed work. The online session is very convenient, requiring no travel. Definitely worthwhile! Looking forward to my next session. Much appreciated! – Andrea Cleaver

I have been working with Master Teresa for several years now taking her excellent classes including the Fa Chi class on healing. I also do healing sessions when I need them and always find them to be a great boost toward wellness. This last session was amazing because having taken Fa Chi, our healing sessions are also a time for me to understand directing healing energy to myself at the same time. It is amazing and I so appreciate all that Master Teresa has done and helped me with. Master Teresa is a kind, compassionate and powerful healer with a generosity that is a beautiful statement of how much she cares for other people.– Carol S.

Master Teresa is a gifted and powerful healer. She has an uncanny ability to tap into your energy and “know” exactly what’s wrong, and distance makes no difference. For several years, I’ve been blessed to receive many of her treatments and the wisdom that accompanies them. She is a kind and generous soul who works tirelessly to help others and to bring healing wherever it is needed. If you truly want to change any and all aspects of your life, you will be deeply grateful that you said “Yes!” to working with Master Teresa. Qi Gong does not only heal your body, mind and spirit, it brings balance and harmony to all aspects of your life – your work, your family and relationships. Do yourself a truly life-changing favour and book an appointment NOW.

Liberty Forrest, Author, Mindset Mastery and Contributor at Huffington Post

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