Ayuna Joan Weir, ND., Algonquin Highlands, On, CA



Ayuna Joan Weir, ND., Algonquin Highlands, On, CA


Joan Weir, N.D., FCAH has been a practicing Naturopath for over 25 years. She is also a Fa Chi Gong Instructor of Pureland Qi Gong system and loves to share Qi Gong with you.  She also uses energetic mind/body modalities as well as traditional diets and supplements. She has been a student of nature-based traditions for many years with the privilege of having wonderful teachers to lead her towards her own growth and healing. She is a graduate of the Nine Gates Mystery School and has completed an eleven-day Vision Quest in the Inyo Mountains of California. Joan has been a student of the Animas Valley Institute in Colorado, learning Soulcraft practices. She has completed her four-year study with the Four Winds Society, which is  an international research and training organization preserving a thousand-year-old tradition of knowledge from Incan elders whose goal is personal and planetary healing. Joan is becoming a practitioner of shamanic energy healing techniques.
Her most recent immersion was with a renowned Chilean Medicine Woman (LuzClara). She has been guiding Joan in the ways of Divine Feminine energies of the open heart, for each other and the earth.  While staying with LuzClara in her mountain home, Joan was guided to her medicine name: Ayuna. This name encompasses the energy of the loving heart. AyunaJoan is the name that connects Joan’s medicines together.
All of her experiences with these many teachers blend to give Joan a deeper approach to her healing work.
Joan has a long history as a competitive athlete as well as a teacher and trainer. She works with land and found objects to design settings that can be used for spiritual practices; e.g., labyrinths, meditative structures, pathways and gardens. During the past few years she has also become an accredited Bioenergy Healer and Teacher.
Email: joan@soulwinds.ca


Algonquin Highlands, ON, Canada


Qi Gong Instructor Level 1
Fa Chi Level 1