Hafeez Sumani, Calgary, Alberta, Canada



Hafeez Sumani, Calgary, Alberta, Canada


My Mission is to help people navigate through their spiritual growth path. After learning about positive emotions and happiness with Qi Gong and other mindfulness techniques.  The journey is always continuous and it never gets “easier” you just become stronger. The journey to healing yourself and finding your greater power all starts with self-acceptance. There is a difference between simply giving up and letting things go.

Life is Perfect, we just need to trust and get out of our own way.
The ability to trust in others has more to do with your ability to trust yourself. Trust that no matter what happens out there you will be okay and you are always doing the best that you can at that moment.

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Calgary, AB, Canada


Fa Chi Gong Level 3
Master Fa Chi Gong Instructor Level 1 in training

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