Jacqueline Chan, M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Jacqueline Chan, M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Jacqueline has been practicing Qi Gong as a young child (before she could write paragraphs). She is a certified Chi Gong instructor as well as a certified Fa Qi Healing practitioner through Pureland International Qi Gong, founded by her mother, Master Teresa and her teacher, Grandmaster Weizhou Wu, a distinguished Talent Bank of China Qi Gong Master. With experience in chi gong for over a decade, she teaches from a millennial’s perspective. She is currently developing her classes for adults and a program for children, as well as conducting a scoping review of the research literature on chi gong and tai chi in her spare time.

Seeing the miraculous reduction of pain in injuries with Grandmaster Wu, early on in life as a mentor/grandfather figure, shaped her admiration and understanding of the powerful effect of chi (energy) gong. In high school, she discovered her meaning of spirituality, wisdom, as well as compassion when she navigated through her own personal crises. As an adult, she is interested in the practice’s intersection with research and the scientific method. While chi gong can be an integrated physical, mental, and emotional practice, if pursued in further depth, it can inform one’s world view and take on a spiritual depth.

She continued to pursue her passion for understanding the psyche and attained her psychology bachelors degree at York University. Later in 2015, she obtained her Masters degree in Early Childhood Studies at Ryerson University. Currently, she is a clinical research staff at SickKids where she is delighted to share on the chi gong practice. In addition, she is honing her speaking abilities by being on the Executive Committee at the SickKids Toastmasters Chapter.

She wants to de-mystify this ancient practice and share this practice through teaching and mentoring. She continues her daily practice to maintain well-being, health, and sense of rejuvenation. Jacqueline is delighted to guide you through a mindful chi gong wellness practice.

She is currently developing her classes, her blog, and potential programs for families. She can be contacted for classes, events, engagements, research, and collaborations.


Danforth, Toronto, ON, Canada


Master Fa Chi Gong Instructor (apprentice)
Fa Chi Level 3