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Jacqueline Chan (Jackie), M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Jacqueline Chan (Jackie), M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Jacqueline has been practicing Qi Gong as a young child, and is a certified trainer of the Wu / Yeung Qi Gong, as well as a certified Qi Healing practitioner through Pureland International Qi Gong, founded by her mother, Master Teresa and her teacher, Grandmaster Weizhou Wu, a distinguished Talent Bank of China Qi Gong Master. With experience in chi gong for over a decade, she teaches from a millennial’s perspective.

She has a Masters degree in childhood education and psychology degree, and is a clinical research staff by day, so she understands that using relevant language to de-mystify this ancient practice is an important bridging between the two schools of thought. Jacqueline is delighted to guide you through a mindful chi gong practice.


Toronto, ON, Canada


Master Fa Chi Gong Instructor (apprentice)
Fa Chi Level 3