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Jacqueline Chan, B.A., M.A.



Jacqueline Chan, B.A., M.A.


I'm the 2nd daughter of Master Teresa Yeung. I began practicing qi gong from the age of 7, with my mother and Grandmaster Wu. I have a degree in Psychology and a Masters with research training. I am the author of an upcoming book on Qi Gong. I am interested in the research applications of mindfulness and qi gong for wellness. I began teaching qi gong at The Hospital for Sick Children's Wellness Centre through The Mindfulness Project in 2019, as there was a very positive interest and response! I currently work in there in clinical research, with prior research experience at St. Michael's Hospital. Jacqueline Chan, B.A., M.A. Qi Gong has been a part of my life for 20 years as Qi Gong is part of my family experience and legacy. It has cultivated my enthusiasm, optimism, youthful energy, psychological resilience, flexibility, and health. My daily Qi Gong practice inspires me to stay centered and relaxed while navigating school, work, friends and responsibilities. I completed my first Qi Gong instructors certification in 2003 at Pureland International Qi Gong with the originating Grandmaster and Generational Master Teresa Yeung, my mother. I am deeply appreciative of them for sharing their wisdom and love with me. Qi Gong is flow. Qi is universal. Gong is being human. Qi Gong is the practice of connecting universal energy with being human. Qi Gong is a life-giving practice. Qi Gong adds energy to your life and doesn't deplete it. This way of being life-giving has become my way of life.


Toronto, ON, Canada


Fa Chi Level 1, Fa Chi Level 2, Fa Chi Level 3, Qi Gong Instructor Level 1, Qi Gong Instructor Level 2, Heart Chi Gong Coordinator, Chi Gong for Yoga