Jacqueline Chan, M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada



Jacqueline Chan, M.A., Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Jacqueline has been practicing Qi Gong as a young child and is a 3rd generation teacher, a certified trainer of the Pureland International School of Chi Gong as well as a certified Fa Qi Healing practitioner. Weizhou Wu, a distinguished Talent Bank of China Qi Gong Master, along with Master Teresa Yeung (her mother) are her teachers. She teaches from a perspective of new vistas.

She has a M.A. in early childhood studies, and B.A. in psychology, and is a clinical research staff by day. She piloted the first chi gong practice at The Hospital for Sick Children. Jacqueline can help guide you through a mindful chi gong practice. She has also worked for St. Michael’s Hospital.

Seeing the miraculous reduction of pain and healing with Grandmaster Wu, early on in life as a mentor/grandfather figure, shaped her admiration and understanding of the powerful effect of chi (energy) gong. As an adult, she is interested in the practice’s intersection with research and the scientific method. While chi gong can be an integrated physical, mental, and emotional practice, if pursued in further depth, it can inform one’s world view and take on a spiritual depth.


Personally, after experiencing confusion, anxiety, anger and low-self worth in high school, it started her on her healing journey. She never intended to be a teacher, but having met life stumbling block one after another, she was able to regain her confidence and well-being after embracing her lineage and once again, practicing the chi gong she learned as a child.


Self-love, self-acceptance, and self-trust were all things she learned as she continues her journey. She’s delighted to share about the healing she’s learned with you.


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Master Fa Chi Gong Instructor (apprentice)
Deep Breathing
Guided One on One sessions for Healing (physical & emotional)