Liberty Forrest, Leicester, United Kingdom



Liberty Forrest, Leicester, United Kingdom


First and foremost, Liberty Forrest is a healer and a teacher, both of which are demonstrated in various aspects of her life. As well as being a Qi Gong facilitator, Liberty is a mindfulness meditation expert and a hypnotist. She is also a Reiki Master and a homeopath. She is also an award-winning author, a Huffington Post contributor, and columnist, and an inspiring speaker.

Liberty sees becoming a Qi Gong facilitator as an honour and the perfect complement to the foundation of other healing modalities she has practiced for more than 30 years. She is especially fond of Qi Gong for the overall benefits it provides in all aspects of life. Combining her own turbulent life and healing journey with her professional background in social work and counseling, Liberty uses her many tools and resources to help people get unstuck and moving forward in their lives. For five years, she appeared approximately monthly on Sue Marchant’s evening show on BBC Radio. Currently, she enjoys a quiet life in rural England, the perfect setting to continue her online work, helping her clients on their healing journeys.



Leicester, UK


Fa Chi Level 1

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