Piers Wander, Ashland, Massachusetts, USA



Piers Wander, Ashland, Massachusetts, USA


Hello!  My name is Piers.  I have been studying Energy Therapies and Complementary Medicine for over two decades. I have been interested in Chinese Medicine for even longer than that and have personally witnessed the power of Chi.  For me, the study of Chi Gong is truly about the art and skill of cultivating and working with this universal energy.  I decided to become a Chi Gong teacher to help awaken more people’s minds to the healing benefits of working with energy that is available to us all.  My home town is in Ashland, Massachusetts, U.S.A. and please free to contact me.

E-mail: prwandmrw@comcast.net


Ashland, MA, USA


Qi Gong Instructor Level 1
Fa Chi Level 1