Tarcisio Renzi Sicilano



Tarcisio Renzi Sicilano


Tarcisio Renzi came from humble origins and always went after his dreams, buliding step by step a life of dreams fulfilled. His first dream was becoming an English teacher, which enabled him to reach into his second dream, to work in the airlines industry. After 10 years of airline duties and having traveled the world, he decided it was time to move on, and set himself to another dream, becoming an energy healer.
In his healing journey, he became a Reiki master, Access the Bars practitioner, Life Coach and finally a Pureland Chi Gong Instructor.
In Chi Gong he found a wonderful method to release stress,  clear negative feelings and thoughts, to be balanced and at ease, and most importantly, to find a happier you.
Now Tarcisio set this as his third dream, to promote the Pureland Chi Gong here in Brazil, and beyond into the world, so happiness and joy may reach anyone wishing to find it.


Qi Gong Instructor Level 1 

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