Krista Marie Bennett



Krista Marie Bennett


Bits of My story; the beginning and middle… 

I have always been very interested in the human condition.

All through elementary and  high-school I studied music and theology. In college I studied positive communication techniques, psychology, philosophy, sociology, and theology.  I also studied to be a home health aid and worked in hospice.

When the time came,  I embraced and adored motherhood, holistically and naturally.

Being a parent is beautiful and being a parent is hard. We are forced to let our hearts wander the earth and experience life outside our bodies.

I threw myself into it. I didn’t entirely disappear into it, but I did lose some focus on the world outside our bubble.

I remember one day, looking up at the horizon of mountains that surround the bay area in California, as if I hadn’t seen them in months. In fact, I probably hadn’t looked up at them for years.

I decided it was time to continue my education. I studied Reiki, Reflexology, Meditation, Acupressure, QiGong, Aromatherapy, Jewelry Making and Crystals. While I studied I found a deep passion for healing trauma and decided to focus on learning as much about the body’s reaction to stress and ways to combat the effects of stress, anxiety and trauma.

Studying these therapies helped restructure my life. Through study and practice I have learned that healing from stress, anxiety and trauma is possible.

Being able to teach these techniques and therapies has brought me a profoundly deep level of joy and gratitude.


8 Boyden Rd, Unit 3d, Holden, MA 01520, USA


I am not sure what level I am. I have been studying for years, and have been able to use what I know to heal my patients.


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