Private Sessions

We believe every one is a born healer and just need some help at times.  Our healers are enthusiastic about helping you and invite you to book a session. 

We are serious about cleaning up our energy before any session for your best experience.  Remote Qi Balancing Sessions are being offered now on Zoom.


Due to requests, we start to extend help to your pets now. 

Master Teresa


Low Rate Remote Qi Balancing Sessions

Our graduates of Remote Healing Program will offer a 30-minute sessions on Zoom. Rate. $20.

Start Reserving Your Spots  Grandopening

Jan 24, 2022

Book an appointment with Pureland International Qi Gong using Setmore

Massage Therapy with RMT with Daniel

Daniel Chan is a Registered Massage Therapist, national athlete, and Qi Gong Instructor.



*Mobile Massage

*Carrot Common

*Bloor & Christie


Master Teresa

Remote Sessions


Raindrop Qi Balancing Session with Jacqueline

Jacqueline Chan is skilled in guiding you to reconnect with their true self and inner wisdom and expand their intuitive self (eg. dreams, sub-conscious mind).  She’s Master Degree in Early Childhood Studies. B.A. Psychology studying psychotherapy and Qi Gong instructor.


Treat Yourself.  Relax and Heal.