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We welcome you to explore how we can serve you. Our dream is to bring Pureland Qi Gong ®  to as many people coast to coast with Master Teresa.  We believe Qi Gong will continue to thrive and be of great demand internationally.  It would be most exciting to have you to be part of our team.

Is Pureland Qi Gong ® for you?

Grandmaster Wu asked Master Teresa not to read Qi Gong books when she studied with him. He said the books were confusing. She was shown how to practice versus reading books.

If you are a person who prefers handson teachings, you would thoroughly enjoy Master Teresa‘s teachings. She believes that you only learn best from your heart. So you bring your heart with you when you practice Qi Gong with her.  Chi is to be felt through practicing and its only through doing it that you will find the essence.  

True teaching is teaching from the heart.  Qi Gong or Chi Gong is the energy healing most complementary to all modalities.  

Pureland Qi Gong®  is for you bringing you joy, happiness and abundance.


Master Teresa Yeung

Master Teresa Yeung has practiced for 23 years of Qi Gong originally learned from Grandmaster Weizhao Wu who obtained the official highest Qi Gong title in China selected to join the Talent Bank. Wu was appointed as the “Liason Man” to select Qi Gong talent to join the Talent Bank and was considered a national treasure in 1995. Upon the crossing of Grandmaster Wu in 2006, Master Teresa being his first student has continued bringing the original healing based Qi Gong of China coast to coast.  

Master Teresa really appreciates the classic teachings of Grandmaster Wu providing her the unique knowledge to move forward. She is insightful and inspiring and re-organizes the traditional way of training Qi Gong instructors to balance today’s hectic lifestyle.   The touch of feminity nourishes her followers with love and promotes a healthy lifestyle emphasizing self-love and self-appreciation.  Her scanning ability of one’s chi is one of a kind.

Certification Programs that Make a Difference

You grow as you make your commitment.  By joining certification programs, you learn deeply how you can improve yourself and heal others. 

Here is a simple outline that list some of the programs we offer:

1. Fa Chi Gong Instructors Program

~ Qi Gong Level 1

~ Fa Chi Level 1  (“Fa Chi” means “Send Chi”)

~ Live Sessions with Master Teresa for 16 weeks online or in person

~ Supported with home studies of Online Videos (www.Holisticbusiness.com)

~ Townhall followup

~ other bonuses and supporting tools

Start Date: Now 20, 2018

2. Medical Chi Gong Certification Program for Healthcare Professionals and Therapists

             Level 1

~ 2-day Qi Gong training to share Qi Gong to support personal sessions without losing your energy

~ learn to use Qi Gong like a therapy without sending energy out

~ a perfect program to rejuvenate therapists feel very tired after giving sessions

3. Ancient Fa Chi Healing Program for 

    (i)  General Public (no experience is needed)

    (ii ) Acupuncturists NCCAOM (chi emission to needles)

             6 levels:

Level 1 – Balance Physically with Fa Chi 

Level 2 – Balance Physically with Fa Chi 

Level 3 – Balance Physically with Fa Chi 

Level 4 – Balance Emotionally with Fa Chi

Level 5 – Remote Healing and Scanning with Fa Chi 

Level 6 – Advanced Studies

4. Chi Gong for Yoga

            ~ Learn to teach a set of movements to enhance your Yoga practices

            ~ 2-Day of transformation 

6. Feng Shui Home Blessings 

7. Train the Trainers Program – Master Instrucor Program 

8. Heart Root Coordinator coming in 2019

Certifications programs and can also be customed for your field of interests.

Love will heal and Chi is really love.   

If you have an interest to know more, please write to our general inquiry 

Email: Support@PurelandQiGong.com 

Directly to Master Teresa:  MT@PurelandQiGongcom