Qi Gong for Joy and Abundance 

“Open Your Heart and Mind to the Power of Qi Gong”

Practitioners are finding that a steady discipline of Qi Gong or Chi Gong significantly improves the quality of their lives: more energy, better handling of stress, improving or eliminating health challenges. They are also happier with life. It has been said that a consistent Chi Gong practice have proven to be miraculous!

While anyone can start a practice on their own, it is better to find a teacher – someone who has studied and practiced under the guidance of a master. Master Teresa Yeung studied for 23 years under the tutelage of her teacher, Grandmaster Weizhao Wu. Before he left his physical body and crossed into the spirit world, he directed her to carry on the work – against the odds that a woman could be a master of a discipline that is historically bestowed upon a man.

I had the privilege of interviewing Master Teresa when she recently visited Florida.

Ed: How would you define Qi Gong?

Master Teresa: Qi or Chi means energy. Gong means work. Chi is the energy of creation and the base of Chinese medicines. Qi Gong works well with other healing modalities such as reflexology, acupuncture, herbal medicines and martial arts. It reduces pain, induces sleep, uplifts you from depression, balances the body, improves digestion and increases your energy, and much more.

Ed: Is Qi Gong difficult to practice and how much time does it take?
Master Teresa: The ancient, traditional practice of Qi Gong can be long and complicated. However, we simplified and shortened the practice by keeping the best of the Qi Gong movements so that it requires about 5-15 minutes a day. We’ve also developed Qi Gong forms for specific areas of the body, or illnesses; for example, Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® or Wu’s High Blood Pressure Qi gong™.

Ed: There are many people in the west who are aware that energy medicines work and that Qi Gong exercises are beneficial to their lives. But how can a Qi Gong practitioner enhance their Chi and reach new levels of development?

Master Teresa: It’s important to find the right teacher who knows how to guide and help you balance physically, emotionally by moving the Qi so that you can achieve your next level of growth. When we are happy and feeling joyful, we are vibrating at a high frequency that assists our spiritual growth. The best way to practice Chi Gong successfully and raise your Chi is to receive Chi from the teacher or master. Chi projected out to the student, by the teacher, raises their vibration to a healing vibration like a Chi Signature™. Receiving this seed of Chi is most important to help student move to the next level of enlightenment. In my class, I continuously send Chi to the students. It’s all vibration.

Ed: I know that you also can scan the Chi and read people’s energy. Can anyone send Chi and perform Chi balancing on others?

Master Teresa: Many people have asked how they can become me. So, after several years of experimenting with my teachings, I designed a Fa Chi Program (projecting Chi to others). Step-by-step you can achieve opening your Chi and develop your abilities. You can view the results on YouTube of my students sending Chi to others.

Ed: This is really interesting and exciting! In my own practice as a Qi Gong teacher, Reiki Master and Akashic Records Consultant, not only have I healed myself and others physically, emotionally, but also at the sub-conscious level. I have learned through Chi Gong introspection how to expand my spirituality and my third eye. And, I have personally discovered how to accelerate the benefits of the law of attraction.

Master Teresa: Indeed finding out what your passion is and living it is more fulfilling. It makes for a joyful life. Much can be accomplished by determination, but why would you want to choose that path? When we are in the right vibration, in the state of Chi, you can identify your passion. This is alternatively more joyful. Implementation of your life’s mission is no longer an effort or a chore.
Rewards will flow to you in so many ways, because of your paradigm shift. I agree totally that what you visualize will manifest very quickly, if you are able to hold the right vibration.

Ed: What is the difference between Reiki and Chi Gong?

Master Teresa: Grandmaster Usui, the founder of Reiki, was a practitioner of Kiku and Master of Chi Gong. All practices are good and Chi Gong has its way of cultivating energy, which is unique as it is 5,000 years old. Reiki is about 200 years old. You can, in a way, say that Chi Gong is the mother of Reiki.

Ed: I know that you call your healers, “Fa Chi Si”? How can people not deplete their energies when projecting Chi?

Master Teresa: “Fa Chi” means giving Chi out. “Si” means a practitioner. As a Fa Chi Si, you are not healing people. You are really helping them to move the Chi in their body so they can self-heal, using several of my Chi techniques. You are facilitating a Chi balancing session, which is remarkable. Many reports that their pain is reduced and ailments disappeared. If you are trained properly, you will not lose your energy when projecting Chi out. If you like practicing Chi Gong and have a kind, loving heart, you can be trained as a Chi Healer or Fa Chi Si. My Fa Chi Certification offers the solutions that all of us needs. Your health will improve dramatically, while you are balancing other people.

Ed: Will you be teaching how to do Chi Balancing in Florida?

Master Teresa: Yes. I plan to offer Fa Chi Certification Programs for Chi balancing. You will learn how to give Chi to yourself and feel balanced, energized, joyous and happier like never before. If anyone is unable to attend my sessions in person, they are welcome to visit my digital download store: www.purelandqigong.com and obtain videos of my teachings.

Ed: Thanks for all the good information and bringing your teachings to Florida. I look forward to meeting you again in Florida.

Master Teresa: Great blessings to all of you and your journey!

Master Teresa Yeung, Founder of Pureland International Qi Gong, Toronto, Canada Website: PurelandQiGong.com Email: MT@PurelandQigong.com
Ed Dolezal, Universal Chi Gong and Tai Chi Institute, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA Email: Ed@UniversalChiGong.net