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You might have heard very good things about the work of Master Teresa Yeung.  If you have not, it is good to check on her YouTube Channel.

Qi or Chi is a life force and its the highest vibration. When we improve Qi of the body, many fascinating balancing work can happen.  If you can benefit from better circulation, you can benefit from a Qi Balancing Session for any issues. When you receive a “Fa Chi” session, Master Teresa will intuitively improve the flow of life force in the body and give you results. While we cannot guarantee you any results, people have reported that you received many benefits beyond their expectations in private sessions and classes.

In the last decade, Master Teresa has generously taught students internationally on how to send chi without losing energy.  Recently, she has started to teach Remote Healing too.



Chi Balancing Session
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See what our clients have to say

Very happy with my meeting with Teresa. Her honesty and compassion really touched me. She was very conscious of my financial limitations and went out of her way to suggest free or less expensive solutions for therapy. She also spent more time with me than scheduled, taking us through a guided meditation which left be balanced and feeling clear and calm. Thank you Teresa for your time and energy. We’ll be in touch again.


I was given a session with Master Teresa as a gift from a good friend after having a tough time with Covid. After the session I feel so much lighter, refreshed and what felt like a weight lifted off my chest! She was lovely and very attentive. Thank you for all the healing!

Marina C

My session with Master Teresa was amazing! She helped with my (COVID19) head and chest congestion. I am feeling much better since my session. Thank you. Master Teresa!

Mary Shoemaker

Master Teresa what a blessing 🙌 I felt support and impowered your authentic love was a beautiful experience I was energized and felt abundant, and had clarity for the rest of my day and the next. Blessings 😊 for everything you do and your contributions to the world.

Naomi Jones-Dill

What a wonderful remote healing session! Master Teresa Yeung is such a positive person. I will be making this a regular thing.

Charles Richardson

Thank you Master Teresa for your remote session on my husband yesterday. I can see today his subtle energy has shifted towards healing and he is feeling better. Thank you for your Gift and deep desire to help people!

Mareena Ostrovsky

I can’t tell you how amazing I feel.

I feel like I am on top of the world; the cobwebs and tension are leaving me. I am happy for the first time in 4 years. Things also seem to be going better with a partner too. His attitude is better since my session. Thank you again.

Private Client

I am a retired Naturopath Doctor with over 35 years experience as well as a bioenergy healer, and a medicine woman in excellent health. Unfortunately, there was water contamination recently in my home which was not being detected in time which led me to severe diarrhea from drinking dirty water for a whole month.I was able to heal a lot by myself and my energy level returned well enough that I could shovel snow. However, for the next 2 months, I still had different health symptoms that I was not able to fully recover from. So I turned to Master Teresa to boost my vital life force energy – chi. Our remote telephone session helped the first time and I had a few more. I really enjoyed our sessions as I could feel the chi and the increase in energy movement all through my body. In the most recent telephone session, I felt so hot I became clammy and sweaty! She also gave me self-help tools. My symptoms are gradually diminishing. I am now in her Fa Chi Gong Instructor’s program.

Thank you Master Teresa for your expertise and care. It is such a privilege to have your help with my health.

Joan Weir

Naturopathic Doctor and Medicine Woman

Master Teresa is an amazingly kind and powerful spirit, I have considered myself a searcher, ultimately for connection, I believe Master Teresa is as connected as I believe anyone can be as a human being. She is truly humble without being modest, owning her gifts, and sharing them with others.

Private Client

If you are suffering, I can not promise what your results will be, but Teresa got results for me.

I have worked with over 15 energy healers over the past 20 years, for a variety of health and other challenges. Plus, I was seeking to ascend to higher levels. Some of those I have worked with include internationally famous healers – you would know their names.


Teresa stands tall above most other energy healers for the health results she got for me.
I came to Teresa with several problems: fatigue, cough, and a few other more minor issues.
My fatigue improved significantly, as did my cough. In addition to her power to heal, which is quite strong, Teresa is a caring, decent, good person. You feel like you are with a friend who unconditionally accepts you — you never feel judged for your weaknesses. She accepts you where you are, and gently but powerfully moves you to the next level of health and progress.


If you want to feel better but are on the fence about whether to try sessions with Teresa, then my heartfelt recommendation is to try her for a few sessions. See for yourself how much better you will feel. Let your health prove to you what she can do for you. I’m very glad that was my criterion for starting work with Teresa. Many of us can not (usually) know the future while we are still in the now, especially when it’s our own personal health and other issues we are dealing with. So let the results you will get make your decision for you. I wish you the very best.

Private Client

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