Pureland Qi Gong® Teachers' Course

Oct 19-20, 2024
2 day



Medical Assistant Qi Gong Instructor’s Certificate


This course offers training to become a Medical Qi Gong Assistant Instructor.


– Income Tax Deductible for Canadians. 



  • Saturday & Sunday


  • Monte Carlo Inn, Vaughan (Toronto), Ontario ( LINK )  – conveniently located near highways, transit, Toronto Pearson Airport, and Walmart.

Course Content:


  • 8.30 AM ET Registration
  • 9:00-10:00 AM Communication Skills
  • 10:00 – 12:30 PM: Medical Qi Gong
    • Focuses on Medical Qi Gong, not general Qi Gong.
    • Based on the teachings in “#1 international bestseller Life Force: Miraculous Power of Qi Gong”
    • Combines movement, Pureland Qi Gong® techniques, and Taoist theory.
    • Emphasizes potential health benefits.
    • Learn self-healing Master Teresa® techniques.


  • 1:30 – 3:30 PM Medical Qi Gong Assistant Instructor’s Certification
    • Dives deeper into Medical Qi Gong practices.
    • Improves techniques, postures, and positions.
    • Builds Chi energy for vitality.

Certificate and Benefits:

  • Participants receive a Certificate of Completion as Medical Qi Gong Assistant Instructor.
  • Canadians receive an Income Education Tax Receipt.

Extra Help:

    • 2-hour online refresher training session (free).
    • A copy of “Life Force: Miraculous Power of Qi Gong” (free).
    • Free 30-minute consultation with Master Teresa ($200 value)
    • Access to a Qi Gong community on WhatsApp and Facebook


Bestseller 1

Your Future:

  • Further online studies are required (at extra cost) to become a Certified Instructor.



  • 4:30 – 6.30 PM: What Makes a Successful Entrepreneur?
    • Healthy Habits
    • Healthy Mindset
    • Healthy Eating for Inner Chi


  • 4.30 – 6.30 PM: For Spiritual Growth
    • Experience Past Life Regression with Master Teresa and Dave Watson
    • (Life Strategist with 40 years of channeling experience in the Edgar Cayce style).
    • Group reading included (individual readings available separately).

This course provides a clear path for those interested in becoming a Medical Qi Gong Assistant Instructor.

It combines practical training with additional resources and opportunities for professional development

and personal growth.

Welcome you!


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Saturday 4.30 – 6.30pm

What makes a successful entrepreneur?


Healthy Habits

Healthy Mindset

Healthy Eating for Inner Chi


Sunday 4.30 – 6.30pm 

for SPIRITUAL Growth



Master Teresa had many spiritual experiences through the help of tapping to the unknown energy.

She finds past life regression help us to realize we are more than what we think we are.

Join Dave Watson and Master Teresa.

Perhaps you can see

one of your past lives significant to this life.

followed with a Group Reading

Individual Reading can be made separately.


Life Strategist and 40 years in Channeling the Edgar Cayce Style.


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(1) Saturday  “What makes a successful entrepreneur?”:  $75

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