During the Covid Pandemic, Generational Chi Gong Master Teresa Yeung initiated over 20 global healing events and sent her Chi to the world:

Healers or Qi Gong energy practitioners

We do care about the planet we live in which is our home.  Let’s raise the vibration and clean up the world’s energy with our lovely positive energy one step at a time. We are very happy that we can now come together to first take care of our energy and then send lovely energy Chi to the world each month.  Send blessings and prayers to those who need help. Anyone can send love to world and send out a postive intention. Trust the world will be a better place because of our energy.  Master Teresa’s practitioners are always invited to join the process and support.


Drinking  water is always a good healthy practice. On the day of the remote session, drink some more water so your body is hydrated for the best healing. It would be nice if you can rest at ease before and after the session.  It is best not to rush yourself especially after the session.  Your body is integrating the process to self-heal.

Choose a Space

Choose a space that you feel comfortable.  Your chosen space will be energized with good Chi afterwards. You might like to practice Qi Gong or meditate at this space in the future.

At the time of the session, it may be nice to be not disturbed. Please let your family know that you will be want to be disturbed for half an hour.  It will be important to turn off the cellphone, computer and electronics around the space so there are less distractions.  If Wifi can be turned off will be ideal.


The best position will be standing up position. Drops arms on the sides. Relax body. You can also sit or lie down.

Choose to position the front of the body facing south and the back facing north. You will be in the north and south line of the planet.

Drop your arms  and relax the body from head to toes.

You may choose to sit or lying down then make sure your position is facing north and south direction.


Some Fascinating Comments from Participants :


  1. Margaret

    **Master Teresa remote chi found me.**

    Absoluting amazing experience and I have to share my story. Here goes:

    I was too busy and forgot
    to join in Master Teresa last global remote chi.
    I was busy making face masks for school re-opening. In the midst of my sewing, I felt chi engulf me, a magnetic tinkling above my head, chi brushes against my face…. I looked up from my sewing and saw 9:30.

    Ohhh … It is remote Chi healing time. Chi Found Me…

    So I close my eyes.. and join in the remote chi healing.

    The power of Chi and Master Teresa remote chi healing. My body knows and recognize her chi signature.
    The amazing part is how the chi found me. Extraordinary

    My encouragement to all to join in Master Teresa Chi practice.

  2. Yvonne

    Master Teresa’s global chi healing helps to enhance my chi gong practice. When I began to pull chi, I felt a surge of chi energy in my arms and hands. I felt able to heal myself better than before.

  3. Alex

    Thank you Master, for alI your help on this journey. I tuned in last night for about 20 minutes.
    It was an interesting experience. The feeling was much more surreal than meditation on my own. Plus I saw faint blue lights in my eyes as they were closed. Deep blue and purple dynamic clouds of light. Very faintly and only at highest points of meditation/relaxation. I am very grateful to you for opening my eyes and mind to the world of Chi Gong. I have become a lot calmer, more comfortable and confident in myself. Thank you!

    Tapping into your channel of chi was an interesting cool experience for me. Definitely dont want to miss the next one.

  4. Divya

    First time joining the group chi healing and I was so amazed. I felt so relaxed after, I also visualized waves of colors surrounding me. It was great. Thank you Master Teresa for taking time out of your schedule to send us such energy. Light and love to you

  5. Jacqueline

    I highly recommend Master Teresa’s remote healing. This was my 2nd time connecting to her energy remotely, and both times I had experienced some emotional distress earlier that day. Both times, I felt more hopeful, more calm, and more energized after sitting for 30 minutes to connect with her powerful and healing universal Chi. I loved it! I cooked a lovely meal afterwards!

  6. alessandrina dorer

    Master Teresa, thank you so much for all of your energy and love. Like you said, it takes a lot of energy and commitment to organize these remote Qi healing sessions. We greatly appreciate it and you. I personally read your preparation instructions right before starting so that i could surrender to the energy optimally. As soon as I entered the healing, I felt my whole body surrender to the Qi, and all the areas of my body that are tight or holding tension started to open up and let go. I opened my heart to receive and let the Qi move where my body, mind, and emotions need it the most. It was such a beautiful, relaxing, healing, and loving experience to have. I felt so much relief, space, and wellbeing in areas of my body that were in need of it all. I am so deeply grateful for this healing and your wonderful private sessions that bring about great results too. I look forward to the next healing, both private and in the remote group qi healing form.

  7. Andrzej Misiak

    Master Teresa, I’m so grateful for the healing session last night.

    There is a level of energy I feel when I practice and meditate on my own and there’s what I experianced last night.

    The feeling of Qi flowing through me and the aura surrounding me was amplified 100x.
    I went into the practice completely exhausted drained of energy and moody just to emergy fully revigorated, revived, renewed.

    Getting to sleep is sometimes troublesome for me, last night I dozed off almost as soon as my eyes closed, just to week up more alert and clear-minded than I have in the past few years. NO MORNING FOG!!! What?!!? That’s possible!?

    One again many thanks, I’ll be working towards paying it forward!

  8. Eva

    Generosity and love can be felt on an instant … very beautiful, powerful, joyous frequency.

  9. Aaron Gannon

    I teacher Qigong and still benefit from Master Teresa’s healing event. Clearing, deep sleep and reborn in the morning are affects I can report. Thank you for helping me help myself so I can help others effectively.

  10. Lauren

    I tuned into remote healing last night and enjoyed the time to share in Master Teresa’s energy. I slept for over 12 hours and when I awoke, was surprised to receive an important letter in my email box. I have been tuning into Master Teresa’s remote healings for about 5 months now and in these months have had significant progress in many aspects of life. I am grateful for the care and compassion Master Teresa provides through her lessons and healing modalities.

  11. Jessica

    I can best describe my experience with receiving energy from Master Teresa similar to that of watching a fireworks show! I felt bursts of energy over the course of the half hour, with my body warming in sensation from head to toe. I followed the various suggestions as outlined on the website, and directed the energy to various pain points in my body and noticed a difference immediately. It was enjoyable to sit with the peaceful, healing feelings afterward in silence and had a nice solid sleep afterward. I am optimistic about my healing journey and continue to notice great improvements as I continue to work with Master Teresa and the practice of Qigong.

  12. Julie

    My dog suffers from IBD, which causes events of severe diarrhea. I placed my hand on her during the remote healing, and the next day her diarrhea was gone.

  13. Michael Chearney

    blessings and warm gratitude for the distant healing!
    I felt it cascading to me about 5 minutes before the start of the session – I could feel the vibration tangibly in and around my body like an ocean wave lifting me up to my practice place.
    I felt the energy vibrate through and around my body seeking out spots in my body and field both suggested by me and on it’s on.
    Sometimes I forget how this kind of transfer exchange feels natural to me.
    It has occurred to me to use this period of self isolation to begin a chi gong routine.
    Your book has been among sacred crystals on my night table since you gave it to me.

  14. Steffi Black

    So grateful that Master Teresa is helping people at this time. I have enjoyed the peacefulness of her offerings so much at this time.

  15. Anonymous

    Thank you for tonights remote chi evening. My body began to sway. At the same time I followed you on the you tube meditation and sent the light to family, friends and community. It felt peaceful and like it was the right thing to do!

  16. Peter Corlett

    I had a very sore throat and was becoming quite concerned I might be coming down with Covid 19.

    The morning after your remote healing session my throat feels fine, I have no pain whatsoever.
    Thank you Teresa!