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“Whatever Your Mind Can Conceive and Believe, It Can Achieve.”

– Napoleon Hill.

Does the pressure of thinking what your 2023 be like has some pressure on you?

Quite many people will abandon their new year resolution quickly before February.

We like to gift you a specialworkshop and help you walk through steps to change and create properly.

Master Teresa has a proven example that a woman with poor health, poor finance, single mother with 3 young children to raise and could conquer everything and led a quality life. As a 3-time international bestselling award winning author and founded her own schools, she has much to teach you about manifestation. 

– relationship

– health

– finance

– career

We feel you really can use 3 day to solve some big issues which stop you to be successful or more successful.

* Identify the problems

* Understand your beliefs

* Solve problems

* Meditate

* Create the energy

When we are TOGETHER, we create an “atomic” bomb for manifestation.

Make a difference in 2023 !




$199 Workshop for $39

 The workshops have been fine-tuned to:

Day 1:  1 hour 10 min

Day 2: 1 hour 11 min

Day 3: 2 videos

                       1) 1 hour  13 min

          2) 33 min

quick release 1

 Two Helpful Videos:

(1) Release Feelings.

A special workshop to help empaths to understand more how to protect the energy better. The video was edited and shortened to give you the best experience.

In the workshop, we will cover:

** how energy works for empaths

** defending energies

** lead you to let go some difficult energies

** show you what you can do to protect your energies

** qi gong practice

** group healing led by Master Teresa

( 30 minutes ) 

(2)   Deep Trance Reading 

Thanks our good friend and famous Dave Watson and gave an informative channeling reading with the soul group, Willows. 

Topic: Economy and How to Balance Yourself During Tough Time

( 55 Minutes )

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If you have watched the workshop video or took the workshop, please give a comment.

You will given 10% off on your next order. (Not this workshop.)


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