Remote Fa Qi 

Level 1 

Healing without distance

Fulfill your calling

While many doctors in North America may not suggest energy healing as a solution to a health problem, alternative healing is becoming more and more popular and the demand of energy healing continues in Canada and internationally.  Master Teresa Yeung was called to share how healing can be done online due to the global experience.

Remote Fa Chi Healers Program – Level 1

  • Releasing your own blocked energies
  • Reconnect with the source energies
  • Learn how to prepare your energies for remote healing session
  • Learn how to facilitate remote healing
  • Balancing emotions
  • Improving self-worth
  • Learn how to form a protective shield to reduce the chance of taking on negative energy
  • Hands on practice how to do remote healing in each class
  • Practice on each other.
  • Practice on clients provided by the School.
  • Certificate of Completion will be provided

We love to know you more and guide you to join the perfect program for your journey. You may require to take our pre-requisite program before joining this:

Online Fa Chi Level 1

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ON SALE! The program starting June 25, 2021 is 40% off due to COVID-19.

Program Curriculum

This program is taught over the course of 8 online classes held via zoom. 1.5 hour a time. Students will be practicing and practicing enjoying the help and support from each other.

Signs you are healers. Original article Link

– You sense that you’re meant to participate in a global shift in consciousness.
– You’ve been through a difficult initiation, which has prepared you for this leadership role.
– You feel most at home in nature.
– You’re very sensitive.
– You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease the suffering of people, animals, and nature.
– You tend to have vivid dreams.
– You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong anywhere because you are a bridge.
– You’re extremely intuitive.
– You feel called to gather with like-minded people.
– You feel the negative energies of other people







Having taken many classes in energy/healing arts over the course of my life, the Remote Fai Chi class exceeded my expectations. I was amazed at how much information Master Teresa was able to convey on so many different levels while facilitating our own evolving intuitive process in her kind and caring fashion.  I felt very supported throughout the entire eight weeks. I would recommend this course to anyone interested in experiencing the amazing benefits of Chi as it is used in healing self and others, with the expertise and blessings of the Master Lineage Holder.
Cheryl K

Thank you Master Teresa and thank you Everyone for sharing your presence in the class. This was an extraordinary experience that I am eager to share with as many people as possible, perfectly timed for the world at this moment. The feedback from Master Teresa and the other participants were so helpful for building confidence. Looking forward to the continuation of the journey.
Peter Lee, Montreal

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