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2025, April 3 Thursday @8pm ET









Over the last years the world has been tilting toward health and wellness more than ever….

It’s one of the biggest bright spots in the economy…

and this applies especially to online appointments, events, training, coaching and energy-related balancing services.  

Going online to ask has become the new norm… you already know this.

Online is the place people turn to whenever they want to improve their lives and are willing to spend the money.

And that means there’s never been a better time to start an online practitioner career that you enjoy which does not require physical touch 

or expand the one you already have or learn to heal your loved ones without touching and without distance.

Enhance your life by cultivating a delightful hobby, lifestyle and taking it to a professional level.


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Develop Your Innate Strength

Join a customized 7-month program taught by Generational Chi Gong Master Teresa Yeung through Zoom offers a unique opportunity to tap into powerful innate strengths and cultivate a deep connection with universal Chi. Throughout the program, participants will receive six valuable gifts, each designed to enhance personal well-being and empower the ability to heal oneself and others:

1) The gift to self-heal yourself and help heal others without touching. (No Touching)

2) The gift to expedite your ability to tune in the essence of universal Chi.

3) The gift to help clear your negative energies and others.

4) The gift to help family, friends and clients without depleting your own energy.

5) The gift to help create the possibility to build a scalable online remote practice.

6) The gift of healing Chi from the Master in each class.

Note: Modality requires touching can be regulated under healthcare system in their countries. Practicing of Reiki in Florida to practice for money will need to be licensed at least a massage therapist. Yoga therapy may require licensing as it touches the clients.

We do not touch and do not make medical claim.



Level 1 – 3 

taught by Generational Chi Gong Master Teresa Yeung

Live online Zoom  (7- Month 20 classes)

Learn how to offer these services remotely.

Learn how to offer Chi (Qi) Balancing services.

  • Visualize to move the Chi for our whole body
  • Visualize to send Chi to balance the Chakras
  • Visualize to send Chi to the different parts of the body
  • Visualize to send Chi to the 5 Element
  • Visualize to send Chi to all kinds of aches, pain, injuries, etc

You will be shown how to do Chi Balancing Sessions from 15 minutes to 45 minutes.

How to Facilitate a Powerful Remote Qi Balancing Session

You are shown how to use the mind to healing, protect your energy and help others.

  • We clear our energies well before facilitating any healing on others.
  • When you are ready, you will be guided how to facilitate a Qi Balancing on Zoom.
  • You practice on your classmates and our clients.
  • Techniques learned can be applied for in-person sessions
  • Release your own blocked energies
  • Safeguard and increase your energy
  • You guide breathing techniques to visualize reducing discomforts of the body from stress, tightness, aches, pain, swelling ………
  • You experience how to use Qi Gong exercises for improving the respiratory system openng the lung energy.
Replenish and Protect Your Energy

In each class, you replenish yourself guided by Master Teresa and work on healing your own issues.

  • balance yourself before and after giving a session
  • practice Qi Gong
  • learn how to use your mind to facilitate healing on Zoom.
Create Your Possibility to Build a Remote Practice
  • Master Teresa shares her 9 ways to get more clients with you.
  • Learn how to build a remote healing practice without advertising.
  • Learn how to do follow-up sessions and how much to charge.
  • Business setup: We can provide you with knowledge in this area.
  • Basic accounting: We can direct you to an accountant which charges less than average.

What is Long Distance and Remote Healing? 


Many spiritual and energy healing traditions, including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), acknowledge the existence of an energetic field surrounding the human body, often referred to as the aura or the auric field. In TCM, this energetic field is known as the Wei Chi Field or Wei Qi Field. We can self-practice or send Chi to the energetic field.

The terms “Qi Gong Long Distance Healing” and “Qi Gong Remote Healing” essentially refer to the same practice but may carry slightly different connotations or nuances based on cultural and historical contexts.

Long Distance Healing :  Master Teresa will explain that Chinese traditionally we use the term 遙 功 to describe long distance healing.   遙 means far away “long”, 功 sound like gong means “healing” in the West . Healing will be temphasizes the traditional aspect of the practice and is rooted in ancient Chinese traditions. As you mentioned, it involves the practitioner connecting with universal energy and directing healing intentions to a recipient who may be located at a significant distance away. Since ancient times, this method has been practiced without the aid of modern communication technology, relying solely on the power of the mind and spiritual connection to transmit healing energy. We use Qi Gong to do Long Distance Healing.

Remote Healing :  Remote  遠 程 means far away may reflect a more contemporary perspective and adaptation of the practice to modern communication technology. While the fundamental principles remain the same, practitioners may use platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc., to facilitate the remote healing session. The use of technology allows for real-time interaction between the healer and the recipient, even if they are physically separated by vast distances. We use Qi Gong Remote Healing reflects more of Master Teresa® techniques fine tuned integrating the best of the East and the West methods.

In summary, both terms refer to the practice of sending healing energy to a recipient who is not physically present, with “Qi Gong Long Distance Healing” highlighting the traditional approach, and “Qi Gong Remote Healing” acknowledging the integration of modern technology into the practice.


What is Fa Chi?

Master Teresa has uniquely named her Chi-sending teachings ‘Fa Chi,’ blending Eastern wisdom with Western understanding to forge an innovative system. This approach accelerates the process of attuning to universal Chi, enabling effective facilitation for clients without touching.

By optimizing energy flow in a tranquil state, the body naturally regains its inherent abilities and responds harmoniously.

Master Teresa® techniques encompasses five levels, remote along using technology platforms with advanced long distance studies for those seeking true mastery. You have opportunity for further studies to Leve 4 and Level 5 developing your remote and long distance intuitive abilities.

We do not make any claim to disease as the healing is about improving energy flow. The results can be very special as the circulation flows through relaxation, breathing, visualization with guided intention, give results of improvements.

We truly wish to help this world a better place and provide good healings to make a difference. Therefore, Master Teresa is willing to give her time now in her semi-retired life to help where is possible.


The 7-month (Level 1 – 3 ) course on Zoom flew by, each class packed with immersive learning and practical experiences. It was like a whirlwind of knowledge, awakening  and skills, leaving you enriched, happy and amazed at how quickly time passed.



New Remote Healers Directory !

Qualified Practitoners will be invited to be listed on our new directory with a personal webpage.




The program not only focuses on personal healing and spiritual development but also offers various privileges and opportunities that extend beyond the core teachings. Here are some highlights of the additional benefits provided:


Access to a well-renowned master

1. Extra Qi Gong Classes: Access additional Qi Gong classes for further practice, deepening your understanding and mastery of the techniques.

2. Listing in School Directory:

Gain visibility by being listed in the general school directory, providing exposure to potential clients and collaborators. Visit.  

3. Special Privilege in new Remote Healers Directory

Ease the burden of website costs and the challenges of online visibility. Embrace an exclusive opportunity by becoming a part of the innovative Remote Healers directory. As a member, you gain a personalized webpage on, eliminating the need for your own website. Focus on what you do best without the worry of online presence management.

4. Referred Clients.

Receive client referrals, creating opportunities to apply your skills and contribute to the well-being of others.

5. Private Facebook Masterminds Group:

Join a private Facebook group, fostering a supportive community where members can share insights, experiences, and support each other on their healing journeys.


1. Ongoing Support:

Receive continuous support from classmates and Master Teresa, creating a nurturing environment for personal and collective growth.


1. Website Creation, Hosting, and Marketing:

Access services for website creation, hosting, and marketing, providing a platform to showcase your skills and services.

2. Learn Client Acquisition Strategies:

Acquire knowledge on  9 effective ways to attract clients without relying on traditional advertising methods.

3. Business Accounting:

If you have concerns on business accounting and taxes in Canada and USA, we can also refer you to qualified   accountants and tax consultants who are spiritual.


1. Learn How to Travel Worldwide and Get Paid:

Gain insights into opportunities for traveling worldwide while getting paid, potentially expanding your practice and experiences globally.

This comprehensive approach not only equips participants with the tools for personal and professional growth but also provides a holistic framework that encompasses various facets of life. From business development to travel opportunities, the program aims to empower individuals not just as practitioners but also as contributors to their communities and the broader world.

Q and A Reiki vs Qi Gong

Live Zoom Classes

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Immerse yourself in our exclusive program, personally guided by Generational Chi Gong Master Teresa Yeung, delivered through Zoom. This unique opportunity is offered only once a year, ensuring a special and limited experience.

  Next course Remote Healing 

 starting April 3 Thursday2025

@8pm ET 

Enrollment process:

Please book a time for interview with Master Teresa to reserve a spot for 2025. She takes a limited number of students each year!   

* Pureland International Qi Gong is a registered private institution of Canada, we provide income tax receipt for Canadians * 

Our Graduates want you to know

Amazing Results from our Graduates from Qi Balancing Sessions. Please note we do not make medical claims but the clients reported good results.

Fa Chi 4 Jan 19 2024

I’ve had the good luck to study and benefit from  quite a few qigong masters over the years but none were able to teach me to sense & harness the chi so quickly and deeply as Master Teresa. 

 I am grateful for Master Teresa’s generosity, good humor and skill  to transmit  her teaching via zoom lessons that are as powerfully healing  as being in person.  This is a life long healing ability that will benefit myself, my family & friends. Don’t miss a chance to study with someone of her caliber. Thank you Master Teresa !
Judah, USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

I recently completed the Master Teresa’s Remote Fa Chi Level 1-3, 7-month course, which was a fantastic experience. I’ve learned so much from her during past seven months training and I am grateful for Master Teresa’s knowledge, wisdom, patience, and support for my learning journey in the past 7 months.

This training covered a wide range of topics over its 7-month period, with a strong emphasis on practical remote healing skills. 

I was impressed by the hands-on approach of the training. Instead of just theories, we had the opportunity to apply what we learned in real-world scenarios. This made the learning process engaging and immediately applicable to my self healing and healing others.

Since completing the program, I’ve seen a significant improvement in my remote healing skills. The knowledge I gained has been instrumental in helping me to help my family members, and my clients. 

I wholeheartedly recommend the Remote (healing) Fa Chi Level 1-3 training to anyone looking to enhance their Qigong/Energy healing skills and knowledge, especially if you working in healing, counseling, coaching and medical field. It’s been a game-changer for me, and I’m confident it can benefit others too. 

Brian, Florida USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3

Through Master Teresa’s teachings, I have learned how to connect with Source (“God”), how to use life force energy to balance the body’s energy points, how to heal myself, and how to heal others.

The teachings were less centred on theory and more focused on practice.

I have found from my experience that most online schools each only theory and everything is self-taught. However, Master Teresa gave us the opportunity to practice Qi Gong on others in each live session, even bringing the general public into our sessions and giving us the opportunity to work on them. Over time, I have gained confidence in my ability to use Qi Gong to benefit other people’s lives and I now feel that I’m in a good place to start my practice.

For anyone who has not had the benefit of her teachings, I strongly recommend that you learn Level 1 and 2 at a bare minimum to truly understand what Qi Gong is and how it can help you.

Aside from certification levels, I further recommend attending her workshops and even booking 1:1 sessions with her so that you are exposed to her wisdom, kindness, and infinite love. 

Saad, Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates


You should know first that Master Teresa is a Miracle Healer. Yes, I said Miracle!

I have graduated from 3 Levels of Remote Healing ,  completed The Pet Healing Workshop and the Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® Program
from Master Teresa! The wisdom found here added so much to my understanding of QIGONG in general, and most importantly, taught me how to work with  the Universal Chi for healing and not use my own qi, becoming depleted. This is such an important learning! The classes teach us how to practice healing sessions on many  people and even on pets, so you get many opportunities to practice your skills!

Another important piece of the healing course is the amount of chi Master Teresa brings to the sessions and the fact that she transmits healing chi to all the students! You are definitely a new person at the end of the training, having received such a transmission for 7 months!

I have seen myself the Miracles Master Teresa can do with healing and she is doing them every day! My own elderly cat was having seizures, and Master Teresa worked on him a few times, and  I have never seen those symptoms again he is happy and well!

She has helped me with injuries and skin conditions numerous times, and helped a friend recover from debilitating back pain in just 3 sessions.

I recommend this training to you, if you are interested in Qi Healing, you will be so happy you did it.

With  astonishing gratitude and love for Master Teresa, her  Powerful  Healing Lineage and her great skill. Thankfully and Joyfully wishing you all a wonderful  Qigong Healing experience!

Carla Mattioli, M.A. Qigong Teacher and Interfaith Minister, Massachusetts, USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

Hello Master Teresa,

Thank you for the 4-month course in Fa Qi. It has meant a lot to me to be in your presence each week. Your strength and tenacity has influenced my work.


I feel how easy it is to move energy; to sense it and really know the one-ness of all that is.

I humbly bow to you as I would in a classroom with you, teacher.

 I am grateful for the community you are creating; the like-mindedness that is the foundation, and the one call to love and offer service to our fellow people and sentient beings here on earth.

Thank you.

Paula, Registered Counsellor and Naturopath, News Brunswick Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

Master Teresa’s teaching style of Chi Gong gave me the ability to experience at a level never felt with other teachers I have studied with. This led me to the Fa Chi Healing Program with Master Teresa!   I began a Journey – one that opened my heart, mind and soul to growing exponentially faster than ever before.  It seemed like seven months passed in a blink of an eye: “the level of opening Spirit within me and connecting to Spirit outside of me” was much more than I expected from the Fa Chi program.

My experience through the years with Tai Chi, Reiki, Feng Shui, Auras and other healing modalities has been lifted to an exponentially higher level of healing.  The Fa Chi Healing Program not only has helped me with healing my body, now I can help family, loved ones and others to heal their body.  The results I have obtained through this journey has me so excited, I want to share the happiness with everyone I meet.

Thank you Master Teresa for all you do for those you meet.

Sharon Robinson, Alabama USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3

I am pleased and proud to be a graduate of Master Teresa’s Remote Fa Chi Course.

As a mental health and trauma – informed social worker I have continued to explore and research how healing occurs. Each person is so unique, and can  require a different type of therapy.

I have followed Master Teresa and Master Wu for 20 years ago and have always strongly believed in their work.  Master Teresa reminds us “ in order to care for others we must also care for ourselves, and give ourselves time to relax,  and move gently , as this promotes self-healing.”

I am integrating Qigong in my counselling sessions. For example, at the beginning of our counselling sessions, I  will prepare for the session with Qigong relaxation techniques which help to facilitate the healing process.  At the end of the session, clients comment that they feel different, and feel that they are more connected with their body.  Many clients are aware that they did not dissociate from their bodies and are excited to learn more, because the results can be felt instantly.

Qigong is much needed for those who care for others, and is way to help keep both mentally and physically strong.   I love teaching qigong to those I work with as I observe the change from having pain to finding peace in their body.

Kathy Harris MSW CHTP. Parry Sound, Canada

Remote Fa Chi Healer Level 3

I am honored to have been taught remote healing directly from a Qigong master with a wide range of knowledge, and decades of work and teaching and so special and rare being taught by a female master of Qigong with national certification. Other classes offered online by other organizations are taught by practitioners of the master without direct access to the master themself, but Master Teresa was with us through the entire learning process, teaching us directly in each group class, sharing her decades of hands-on experience with us. We also all learned from each other in the class by working on each other, outside clients, giving and receiving feedback, but it was most wonderful to make these friends. We left each class also being healed ourselves.  Learning and healing!

The entire process was impactful but what really affected my life is that the class also taught me to help myself, heal myself, and showed me that I can take a more proactive roll in my future health.

Shenandoah Bauer, Minneapolis USA

Remote Fa Chi Healer Level 3

A wonderful experience, these classes really create a safe environment to learn and to realize our own abilities. The feedback from Master Teresa and the other participants were so helpful for building confidence. Remote healing is a wonderful way to raising the level of consciousness for ourselves, others and the world, so necessary at this time of planetary awakening.
Thank you Master Teresa

Looking forward to the continuation of the journey.

Pete, Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

 It was an answer to my prayer to be able to provide distance healing to people and animals in a way that maintains my own personal energy.

In each class Master Teresa provided exceptional support and patient, personal instruction within a group of wonderful, like-hearted souls on their individual healing journeys.  It was very helpful to be able to observe everyone’s progress and evolution week by week.

I have grown in more ways than I can say and would recommend this course to anyone interested.  It is truly a gift that gives to all.

There is a growing place for this work in our rapidly changing world, and  I am so honored to be able to make a meaningful difference for those in need. Blessings,

Cheryl, Florida USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

When I first enrolled in Master Teresa’s Remote Fa Chi Level One course, I was unsure of what to expect.Admittedly, I had doubts about my own potential and abilities.Prior to taking the course, I’d held a belief that a person needed to have a certain “something”—a gift or talent—in order to send chi to another person.I feared that I lacked whatever it took to practice this type of healing.Thankfully, with each successive class meeting, I discovered how wrong I’d been. Master Teresa provided ample opportunity to practice on others, ask questions and receive feedback in real time, thereby creating a safe environment where I could learn and gradually improve.
     Now, having completed the Remote Fa Chi course, I can say with certainty that anyone possessing a desire to connect with chi and the willingness to practice can learn to send it to others.  Master Teresa’s teaching methods have helped me to form a stronger connection with myself, with God, and with the chi that is all around me.I feel more confident now, and I’ve begun offering sessions to family and friends.My connection with and chi grows with each practice, and I look forward to taking additional classes in the future. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to heal self or others.Thank you, Master Teresa!
Julie Tirakian, Michigan USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

It was amazing to receive remote Qi on Zoom from a graduate. I felt movement of energy in the area of concern, under my shoulder, where 4 lymph nodes were taken out. It’s as if I could see the cells moving along a highway.  The energy then radiated to the ball of my shoulder. It was an extra bonus to feel the energy move to my neck and chest, and then my head where I felt movement in my nose, of all places. I then felt my whole body pulsating and my whole body started getting hot and my temperature surely elevated a couple of degrees. It was a wonderful experience. I wish him well and may use him again one day.

Virginia, USA

  • After the mini  remote session, my left neck/shoulder felt better and she felt her heart area was lighter .~  Bev.
  • My stomach felt better after the session. ~ Terry
  • He was great. Very calm and relaxed presence.  ~ Kal
  • I have right and left knee pain. After the session, I have less discomfort in both knees ~ Wallis
  • The change in my condition was instant during the session-so liberating. I had felt very stressed about a number of current situations. The stress dissolved. The next day I was still in this new space. Released from the crippling emotional effects of stress. ~ Christina

Testimonials from our graduates

My purpose in life has added meaning since I became a healer. With my healing hands, I know that I can help , heal myself, my family and others.

I know that I make a difference in life.

The classes are well constructed from awakening of our chi power to sending remote chi. The students are committed. New friendship gained. We progressed and succeeded in becoming a healer together.

Margaret, CPA, Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

I embarked on the journey of Chi Gong with Master Teresa’s Women’s group which then lead me to the 7 month Fa chi training. It was the start of my transformational healing and from there I have learned skills I never could have imagined. I learned how to manage and clear my own energy first, then how to maintain my own energy, how to accept help and love from others and now how to send chi to another being so they can also feel more balanced and calm.

All my life I have struggled as an empath to manage my own energy and now I am able to move throughout the world freely knowing that I can be with in crowds and not feel exhausted afterwards. I now know how it feels to live with less anxiety, depression and emotional pain.

Master Teresa is a skilled teacher and I appreciate the time she has taken for each of her students to grow, experience and understand how energy healing works. My first reason for taking the course was to help myself and now I have the confidence to help others. I am grateful to Master Teresa for sharing her time, her attention and for caring about each of her students. I look forward to continuing my journey with Master Teresa as I am eager to learn more.

Louise Childerhose , Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

Not only that it’s a blessing to work with Master Teresa and trained under her, she creates a community of like-minded people whom I can get to know, connect with and practice my remote fa chi. I am really grateful.

Lorrayne, USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

The remote healing course can be proven to help discover our innate healing gifts for ourselves as well as for others. What I like about the course is that the classes were full of practices and techniques that have helped me to offer Chi without affecting my energy. Master Teresa’s attention and guidance had made the process less complicated regarding the health matter. Becoming an energy healer is itself a process and time commitment journey and I appreciate the solid foundation Master Teresa provided to begin with.


Pooja USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 3 Graduates

Mastering the art of healing takes time and dedication.

That’s why Master Teresa prioritizes quality over quantity.

Each year, she personally selects only 20 students to join her exclusive healing program. This ensures you receive the personalized guidance and support needed to unlock your full potential.

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey?

Here’s what you can expect:

  • In-depth training: Master Teresa’s program provides comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to become a confident and effective healer.
  • Personalized attention: With a limited class size, you’ll receive the individual guidance and feedback crucial for success.
  • Supportive community: Connect and learn from like-minded individuals who share your passion for healing.

Don’t miss this opportunity! Spots are limited.

Schedule your interview with Master Teresa today: [link to appointment booking]

Invest in your future as a healer. Take the first step today!

Book a no-obligation Friendly Consultation Appointment with Master Teresa.

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Be proud of yourself ! Help your parents!

FAQ on Remote Healing


What is remote healing?

Remote healing or long distance healing may mean the same except “long distance”  gives the feeling of more traditional and “remote” gives a feeling of a modernized approach which may use platforms such as Google Meet, Zoom, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype, etc., to facilitate the remote healing session with visualization, good intention directing energy to the recipients. The use of technology allows for real-time interaction between the healer and the recipient, even if they are physically separated by vast distances.  Qi Gong Remote Healing reflects more of Master Teresa® techniques fine tuned integrating the best of the East and the West methods. 

Who is the teacher of the remote healing class?

Teresa Yeung, Generational Chi Gong Master of Chi Gong, is teaching this remote healing class herself remote. At 66 with 28 years experience in healing, she is half-retired so the opportunity to learn this directly with her real time  may not always be available in the future.

How many remote healing classes are there?

The course level 1 to 3  is 7 months (20 classes.)  Level 4 will be offered after Level 3 also offered once a year.

There is opportunity to learn Level 5 for deeper studies on remote sensing which she teaches once a year.

Can I miss a few classes?

We understand you have various obligations sometimes and need to miss a class or two. You can catch up easier when missing a class or two. If you know ahead of time, we can see about how to accommodate.

Will there be lots of homework and assignments?

The course is hands-on. You are practicing in the class so there is almost no homework. Master Teresa does suggest you some assignments for raising your energy.

We offer you a Bonus Qi Gong class to support your growth.

Will I be unable to do?

We understand about your concerns but don’t worry. Before you enrol, Master Teresa would like to meet with you first on “Zoom”.

She will determine if you are suitable or not suitable to this course. 

Are there any prerequisites?

This program is designed for those who already believe in energy healing.  We require you to take an interview with Master Teresa before enrollment to see if this is the right program for you.

Is there a sampling session?

We will arrange you to book a remote session with our graduates.


You will receive a certificate of completion after completion.

Tax Deductible

You will receive an income tax receipt T2202A to deduct tax if you are Canadian. 

Are there recordings to live classes?

There are no recordings as we cannot record the CHI remotely. LOL

The time does not work for me, I am in other time zones. What should I do?

If you do not mind self-study, Master Teresa has a Digital 4-day course. It is meant for in-person face-to-face sessions (not remote).


After you finish the digital program, you can take personal one-on-one class with Master Teresa to learn how to do healing remotely.

There will be a separate fee.

You are welcome to book an interview with Master Teresa. She may open the door to other time zones in the future as the demand continues.



Master Teresa white

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