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Fa Chi Gong Remote Healer Program

Live Online for 4 months with Master Teresa

heal you, heal others, build a Zoom practice

Master Teresa cares about you so much that she is willing to offer you her time for a few months. This is super rare opportunity for you, once in a life time, to get the attention of a  Chi Gong Master to her level weekly for a small fee. She is 65 now with 27 years of Chi Gong, you will be learning in good hands from a woman who has remote sensing ability. Do it soon if you are called to do energy healing work. This opportunity is too precious to miss. It will not always be offered too.

An Important Accelerator in Your Success

Become the Healer You Dream to Be

Intensively Learn to Heal Yourself and Protect Your Energy 

Improve Intuition

Deepen your Connection to the Source Energy

Discover your Supernatural Healing Ability

Become the True You

Fulfill your calling

Help your Loved Ones and Old Parents

Learn to Safeguard Your Energy from Depleting

Have fun offering healing on Zoom, What’s App and Facebook Messenger

Techniques usable for in-person and remote sessions

Conquer your fear about not being good enough

Master of Your Own Time and Start Building a Well-Demand Profitable Practice


Are you a healthcare practitioner or therapist who is trained or familiar with alternate healing modalities like Reiki, Yoga, EFT, Aromatherapy or healing touch ?

What if we told you there is a way to supplement your income by starting a remote healing practice that is taught by Master Teacher Teresa Yeung. She is an internationally recognized healer and the sole successor of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu’s Qi Gong Lineage.

The goal of remote energy healing or in-person session  is to restore the balance of energy to support the physical, emotional and mental well being.

A pilot study in 2015, found that people being treated for cancer who received 30 min sessions of remote healing for 5 days, in additional to regular medical care, had lower levels of pain, anxiety and fatigue. (

There is a growing demand for alternative healing and this will continue to rise.


Create an additional source of income 

Master Teresa is forever deeply grateful for her teacher’s support when her marriage suddenly ended 25 years ago.  With a weak body with poor health, no money, and 3 young children to raise, there was no job that would pay the bills and let her take care of her children. Her teacher and Qi Gong healed and empowered her. As she miraculously transformed her health in a short time, she had the strength to build her business and not losing her energy.  During Covid, she felt called to help spiritual people who might really benefit to build a remote healing practice.  (More Info on Master Teresa) 

Stay with positive people like us and let us help you build a new source of income with Qi Gong.

Build self-confidence 

In the live online classes, you learn to connect with yourself deeply in each other.  Connect with universal Qi deeply and facilitate a remote session which reduces stress, balance you and your client.  This program will hence improve self-esteem and self-confidence.  You also change your perspective of  life becoming more positive. 


Healing the body is essential and good distant healers are always in demand.

Master Teresa helped her own 96 years’ old father in nursing home to feel better and reduced pain. She also helped her mother to reduce pain and other symptoms of old age. Would you like to be able to do that?

Have you experienced Master Teresa’s Qi?

People often commented that Master Teresa’s Qi is palpable and powerful. She carried the Qi of Grandmaster Weizhao Wu. He achieved the highest official Qi Gong title of China and honoured as a treasure of the country in 1995.  Do not miss experiencing her Qi signature of 5,000 years old linkeage.  


Remote  Distant Healing “Fa Chi” 

Fa Chi means sending Chi. We do not give our energy out but receive the Qi from the universe.  Master Teresa develops her system focusing on how not to deplete one’s energy while doing energy work.  This is so important for her small body not to lose energy.  Watch some of her exciting healing stories of students on YouTube

Will the teachings of remote help can be used for In-person sessions

Techniques learned in the Level 1 and 2 program is applicable to be used for in person sessions for therapists.


How many Levels are there?

She has designed 5 amazing levels for remote fa chi healings for you.

Can I experience a sampling remote distant healing session?

Yes, we can arrange a sampling remote session for you by our graduates. It is by donation to support Kids Canada for Uganda children’s to build a community wall for safety. 

 LIVE  weekly class

Remote Fa Chi “send chi”  

4-Month Program for Level 1 and 2  

This is a live class using Zoom solving some major concerns in remote distant healing with Master Teresa. 

  • Invaluable access to learning from Master Teresa weekly
  • Real time learning and practicing with like-minded classmates
  • Your questions will be answered in real time
  • You practice healing your classmates first and later we help supply you with clients to practice.
  • Techniques learned can be applied for in-person sessions


Thinking Matters

You will learn how to think and visualize more efficiently to

  • release your own blocked energies
  • safeguard and increase your energy
  • form a protective shield to reduce the chance of taking on negative energy
  • channel universal Qi to the clients effectively in a different way
  • train how to balance the mind
  • remotely reduce stress, aches, pain
  • remotely reduce inflammation
  • balance yourself before and after giving a session
  • practice Qi Gong



√  9  ways to get more clients without advertising

√ Extra 12 Qi Gong classes offered to you free

√ Clients referral support



Prerequisite: This program is designed for those already believe in energy healing.  We require you to take an interview with Master Teresa before enrollment to see if you are a fit for this program. We will refund your enrollment fee if we find that we are not a fit for this program.


Certificate of Completion will be provided on completion. Graduates  will have the privilege to be listed in our practitioner directory.

Support to Graduates

Ongoing support to you from Master Teresa
You will be listed on the practitioner directory.
12 extra free Qi Gong classes to raise your vibration
Build confidence by practicing with our clients during studying and after graduation
Join a community of like-minded people and support each other.
Guide you how to build connections leading to opportunities.
Guide you how to start building your practice without advertising
Join our Facebook Private Group for Masterminds
Provide basic business setup knowledge

Book a no-obligation Consultation Appointment with Master Teresa.

Program Curriculum

4-Month Live Online Remote Fa Chi Level 1 and 2 :   

√ 14 weekly live online Fa Chi class of 1.5 hour each with Master Teresa

√ 12 weekly live Qi Gong practice with our Instructor as special help to you

√ heal the healers while the healers are developing their abilities

√ invaluable access to Master Teresa



√  9  ways to get more clients without advertising


– $5000

Covid Special : $1550

                          + GST tax

Next class 

Start Date:

Tuesday November 15 @ 8.00-9.30pm EDT  (Level 1 and 2)

We accept registration now and book your interview. *Tax receipt for Canadians.


Note :

This is a real weekly live class with a Master.

You can appreciate that most  professional workshops to learn something important will cost around $1000 for 2 to 3 days. A digital self-study professional course will cost from $1000 to $3500 without extra support.  A 2-week daily course online to be a healer (not remote healer) cost USD2700 with no extra support .Master Teresa will teach you how to build your practice which is the key to success.  She actually gives you her clients to work on so you can build your confidence!

Dont’ miss the opportunity to heal yourself, build your practice and spend healing time with Master Teresa for 4 months at a exceptional low fee!  Just priceless !




Every successful person in Sports, Politics,
Business, Entertainment,
Religion and Life have or had coaches. …
Barack Obama has a coach.
Richard Branson , Oprah Winfrey,
Tony Robbins have coaches.

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Comments from our Graduates

What your future clients may feel after receiving a 15-Minute Remote Mini Session from you?

Hello Master Teresa
Thank you for the four month course in Fa Qi. It has meant a lot to me to be in your presence each week. Your strength and tenacity has influenced my work.
I appreciate the new connections we all made these passed months and I look forward to keeping in touch.
I am grateful for the community you are creating; the like-mindedness that is the foundation, and the one call to love and offer service to our fellow people and sentient beings here on earth. I feel how easy it is to move energy; to sense it and really know the one-ness of all that is.
I humbly bow to you as I would in a classroom with you, teacher.
Thank you.
Paula, Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

A wonderful experience, these classes really create a safe environment to learn and to realize our own abilities. The feedback from Master Teresa and the other participants were so helpful for building confidence. Remote healing is a wonderful way to raising the level of consciousness for ourselves, others and the world, so necessary at this time of planetary awakening.
Thank you Master Teresa

Looking forward to the continuation of the journey.

Pete, Canada

Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to learn Remote Fa Chi in Master Teresa’s healing class.  It was an answer to my prayer to be able to provide distance healing to people and animals in a way that maintains my own personal energy.  In each class Master Teresa provided exceptional support and patient, personal instruction within a group of wonderful, like-hearted souls on their individual healing journeys.  It was very helpful to be able to observe everyone’s progress and evolution week by week.   There is a growing place for this work in our rapidly changing world, and  I am so honored to be able to make a meaningful difference for those in need. I have grown in more ways than I can say and would recommend this course to anyone interested.  It is truly a gift that gives to all. Blessings,

Cheryl, USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

When I first enrolled in Master Teresa’s Remote Fa Chi Level One course, I was unsure of what to expect.Admittedly, I had doubts about my own potential and abilities.Prior to taking the course, I’d held a belief that a person needed to have a certain “something”—a gift or talent—in order to send chi to another person.I feared that I lacked whatever it took to practice this type of healing.Thankfully, with each successive class meeting, I discovered how wrong I’d been. Master Teresa provided ample opportunity to practice on others, ask questions and receive feedback in real time, thereby creating a safe environment where I could learn and gradually improve.
     Now, having completed the Remote Fa Chi course, I can say with certainty that anyone possessing a desire to connect with chi and the willingness to practice can learn to send it to others.  Master Teresa’s teaching methods have helped me to form a stronger connection with myself, with God, and with the chi that is all around me.I feel more confident now, and I’ve begun offering sessions to family and friends.My connection with and chi grows with each practice, and I look forward to taking additional classes in the future. I highly recommend this class to anyone who is looking to heal self or others.Thank you, Master Teresa!
Julie, USA

Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

Not only that it’s a blessing to work with Master Teresa and trained under her, she creates a community of like-minded people whom I can get to know, connect with and practice my remote fa chi. I am really grateful.


Remote Fa Chi Level 2 Graduates

It was amazing to receive remote Qi on Zoom from a graduate. I felt movement of energy in the area of concern, under my shoulder, where 4 lymph nodes were taken out. It’s as if I could see the cells moving along a highway.  The energy then radiated to the ball of my shoulder. It was an extra bonus to feel the energy move to my neck and chest, and then my head where I felt movement in my nose, of all places. I then felt my whole body pulsating and my whole body started getting hot and my temperature surely elevated a couple of degrees. It was a wonderful experience. I wish him well and may use him again one day.

Virginia, USA

  • After the mini  remote session, my left neck/shoulder felt better and she felt her heart area was lighter .~  Bev.
  • My stomach felt better after the session. ~ Terry
  • He was great. Very calm and relaxed presence.  ~ Kal
  • I have right and left knee pain. After the session, I have less discomfort in both knees ~ Wallis
  • The change in my condition was instant during the session-so liberating. I had felt very stressed about a number of current situations. The stress dissolved. The next day I was still in this new space. Released from the crippling emotional effects of stress. ~ Christina

Signs you are healers. Original article Link

– You sense that you’re meant to participate in a global shift in consciousness.

– You’ve been through a difficult initiation, which has prepared you for this leadership role.

– You feel most at home in nature.

– You’re very sensitive.

– You feel a sort of spiritual calling to ease the suffering of people, animals, and nature.

– You tend to have vivid dreams.

– You’ve always felt like you don’t quite belong anywhere because you are a bridge.

– You’re extremely intuitive.

– You feel called to gather with like-minded people.

– You feel the negative energies of other people

What is our Money-Back Guarantee


After you have taken all our classes and requirements and practice what you have learned, it is almost that there is no way you cannot do remote healing sessions on clients.  However, at the end of the program that your remote healing sessions do not give results to your clients, we will give you extra help for the next 2 months. If you still cannot get results from clients, you can file an application for your  refund.

Master Teresa welcomes your questions. 

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