Chi Gong – Energy Work : Foundation of Youth (Tonic Magazine October 14 Issue) 

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Chi Emission (by Master Teresa – Tonic Magazine April 2105 Issue)

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Australian Research on Qi Gong Helps Cancer Patients

Scientific Qi Exploration: Qi Gong and Immune System

Chi Gong also raises the level of DHEA in the body. DHEA serves as precursor to male and female sex hormones; boosts antibody production, enhances the activity of monocytes, activates natural killer cells, and maximizes the function of T-lymphocytes. In aging laboratory animals, DHEA restores youthful levels of cytokines and reduces the production of auto-antibodies. After practicing Qigong for cancer patients, the elevated white blood cell count decreased for appendicitis patients, while the low count increased to normal for cancer patients, who had undergone radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

Research showed that Chi Gong had a homeostatic effect on immune function.

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