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The Ultimate Guide to Qi Gong

We know that starting or maintaining a new practice like qi gong can take a lot of research, reading, and time, so to save you the work we’ve put together the ultimate guide to your qi gong practice.

These resources are great for everyone from beginners to seasoned practitioners of qi gong, and everyone in between.

Access the resources on this page for everything you’ll need to get you on your way towards the healing power of chi.

Read our Qi Gong FAQ

A perfect starting place! Read Frequently Asked Questions about qi gong, Chi, and Pureland Qi Gong®.

Book a Chi Balancing Session

Meet Master Teresa and have a chi balancing session as a great way to introduce you to the practice and the school.

Watch our Videos

Check out dozens of videos on YouTube and Facebook for mini-chi breaks, or longer instructional videos!

Check out these Bestselling Books

Pick up your own copies of Master Teresa’s #1 International Best Sellers, including Unlocking Your Happiness Within: Living the Life You Choose with Chi Gong and Life Force: The Miraculous Power of Qi Gong.

Read these Articles

Read from a list of curated articles focused on many areas that qi gong supports, including physical health, breathing, diabetes, cancer, and more.

Read our Blog

See what’s new in the world of qi gong!

Check out our Workshops

We host multiple workshops every month, many of which are run based on donations or are entirely free! Check one or two out to see which ones you like.

Sign up for a Qi Gong Program

Once you’ve found a few areas of qi gong that you enjoy, you can sign up for a program! Our instructors focus on topics like women’s issues, heart healing and more in these multi-session programs.

Support our Fundraising Efforts

We support many charities and fundraisers. Have a look through to see if you’d like to donate to any of our supported causes and non-profit organizations.

About Pureland International Qi Gong

Learn all about the Pureland International Qi Gong  as well as our instructors, practitioners  including Master Teresa Yeung.

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