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I got powerful results with Teresa (I’m somewhat well known, so will remain anonymous) on November 21, 2020 at 5:53 pm

If you are suffering, I cannot promise what your results will be, but Teresa got results for me.
I have worked with over 15 energy healers over the past 20 years, for a variety of health and other challenges. Plus, I was seeking to ascend to higher levels. Some of those I have worked with include internationally famous healers – you would know their names.

Teresa stands tall above most other energy healers for the health results she got for me.

I came to Teresa with several problems: fatigue, cough, and a few other more minor issues. My fatigue improved significantly, as did my cough. In addition to her power to heal, which is quite strong, Teresa is a caring, decent, good person. You feel like you are with a friend who unconditionally accepts you — you never feel judged for your weaknesses.

She accepts you where you are, and gently but powerfully moves you to the next level of health and progress. If you want to feel better but are on the fence about whether to try sessions with Teresa, then my heartfelt recommendation is to try her for a few sessions. See for yourself how much better you will feel. Let your health prove to you what she can do for you. I’m very glad that was my criterion for starting work with Teresa.

Many of us cannot (usually) know the future while we are still in the now, especially when it’s our own personal health and other issues we are dealing with. So let the results you will get make your decision for you.

I wish you the very best.

Master Teresa’s Women’s QiGong classes were exactly what I needed as I moved through so many challenges this past year; both physically and emotionally. It is rare and such a blessing to be mentored and lead by a female QiGong Master as this role was traditionally held by men alone. Having Master Teresa focus on our needs, as women, was a wonderful opportunity to learn, listen and to nurture ourselves in a world where many of us are juggling multiple roles as caregivers and breadwinners. It was truly a gift to myself to be lead by Master Teresa and to be a part of this wonderful group of strong women.
Maylynn Quan

Founder of Kids Canada, Non-Profit Organization

I have talked to master teresa on the phone several times and her knowledge and advise is priceless. Her book I have to say is very informative
Chris Rhoads

Master Teresa is very unique in her teaching style and she is the real deal. Her willingness to just help another, is incredible. However, her mission is not only to help as many as she is able to on her journey, but also to provide people with the tools, so that they can help heal themselves and maintain their well-being. (Hence her simple way of explaining the Qi Gong concepts and the beginner practice). I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in person and remotely, and her pure loving energy is unmistakable.