Energy is information. Our feelings are feedback system to move forward.

This can be a practice you can adopt:

First, we like to be grateful. Second, embrace your feelings.  Third, ask yourself questions.

We come from spirits.  We will feel lost if we are caught up too much in the outside world. From time to time each day, it is important to bring your focus back to yourself and connect with yourself. A much needed break from 15 – 30 minutes can be so important to you more than you know.  We are a physical body which requires maintenance and nurturing.  When you take a Qi Gong break, you will recharge and regain power to come back.  You will find out the answer to your questions and have new realization.

Allow yourself to speak up and stand up for your rights too.

Heart Qi Gong has been designed to recharge the heart chakra and balance our feelings.

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