This blog is to help some of you to appreciate the practice of Qi Gong by also understanding a few differences between yoga and Qi Gong.


  • The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit root ‘Yuj’, meaning ‘to join’ or ‘to yoke’ or ‘to unite’.  It is a practice.
  • Yoga tends to be more fast, more athletic
  •  For beginners, the movements and positioning can be simple for young people with a stronger body but not for people in their 40s 50s 60s.
  • It can be challenging for people with joints issues and neck problems.
  • It is competitiveness
  • It provides a good step into understanding the body, mind and spirit lightly.
  • While stretching is important for the body but overstretching may cause injuries and more tightness, aches and pain.
  •  For the first few classes you will feel soreness, tightness in different parts of the body but less with continual practices.
  • The benefits of yoga are enormous but require more time and training.
  • Injuries can happen in any sport or exercise, but the risk of serious injuries is often high when overdoing a particular exercise, including yoga. For instance, placing your full body weight on your hands may cause joint injuries.
  • It would be very nice to do a Qi Gong practice after yoga for a better balance and healing.
  • For myself, I find yoga practices tighten up the neck and shoulder and thus designed a Chi Gong for Yoga to loosen up the neck and shoulder.

Chi Gong for Yoga  LINK



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          Qi Gong or Chi Gong

          • Qi (pronounced chee) also spelled Chi means energy.  Qi is referred as the life force energy of our body. Qi Gong is the meditative practice specialized in collecting Qi from the universe and earth to unite with our life force becoming a super powerful energy – Qi. It is an energy practice.
          • Qi Gong practice is almost effortless
          • It is not competitive or athletic.
          • It is not demanding, nor strength demanding and we choose more comfortable position to practice.
          • People in mindfulness and reiki healing often have interests to practice Qi Gong as it is the next level of advancement which helps to harness the energy to heal the body.
          • Helps to develop a more relaxed, internal power where strength comes from the flow of energy rather than muscle strain or contraction.
          • Attention is often about boosting the life force in the organs and physical parts of the body.
          • It is anti-aging
          • It is for boosting the innate potential out.
          • It opens the meridians and channels balancing the chakras like acupuncture without needles.
          • It opens the respiratory system through all the breathwork and movements.
          • It  balances the side effects from drugs
          • Qi Gong movements can be practiced for all ages and health problems with guided teachings. Eg Qi Gong can help endometriosis to reduce pain and promote healing.
          • Visualization can be a big part in the Qi Gong practice for healing and more energy.
          • A nice practice can reduce pain and  swelling 
          •  Qi Gong has specialized program designed for different reasons e.g. Eye Qi Gong for Vision.
          • It is designed for healing purposes and longevity