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Celebrate your Womanhood

Women’s Health Requires a Unique Experience of Chi

Traditional Chi Gong Masters were all men, which had led to a lack of qi gong specifically designed for, and by, female qi gong masters.

Master Teresa has specially designed this program to balance the yin and yang chi of a women’s body, understanding the many intricacies that are involved in womanhood.

Women’s Issues Qi Gong designed by Master Teresa Yeung covers:

  • Replenishing Chi deficiencies
  • Balancing the yin and yang of the body
  • Releasing stiffness, aches and pain of neck, shoulders and arms.
  • Improving blood circulation and the endocrine system
  • Improving the energy of our skin, glands, and organs
  • Improving the digestive system
  • Improving the kidneys and urinary systems
  • Balancing emotions
  • Improving self-love and self-appreciation
  • Improving the energy of the breasts, uterus, ovaries and cervix releasing negative energies
  • Teaching you how to form a protective shield to reduce the chance of taking on negative energy
  • Teaching you how to connect with yourself to deeper levels and how to support healthy cellular growth

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Program Curriculum

This program is taught over the course of 6 online classes held via zoom.

Short Talks and Self-Help Meditations

Introduction (0:50)

Preparation (5:12)

It’s OK to say NO (5:44)

3 Minute Be Kind to Yourself Meditation

Enjoy Your Journey (1:33)

The Gold Inside the Body (2:15)

Class 1

Balance the Yin and Yang Energy in the Body (2:33)

Nourish the head, neck and arms (16:54)

Repeat practicing (6:56)

Class 2

Benefits of Moving the Chi (3:15)

Phoenix Rising to the Sky (4:00)

Full body circulation to recharge your organs, glands and chakras (36:20)


Class 3

Balance the Core Energy (41:30)

Class 4

Pull Chi (10:58)

Send love Chi to Chest and Breasts (29:46)

Class 5

Send Love Chi to the Uterus (8:14)

Strengthen your Protective Shield (5:59)

Class 6

Be Kind to Yourself Meditation (4:46)

Complete a full Practice (28:48)

21st Century Women’s Issues

The “do it all” generation for high achieving women are under tremendous amount of stress more than men according to data. A study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences found that stress can add years to the age of individual immune system cells. By mid-40s, some women will begin to have perimenopausal symptoms according to study including hot flashes, irregular periods, and heavy bleeding which can be disruptive. While the role of women from wife, mother and taking care of elderly parents would not change, women can practice special Chi Gong especially designed for women that is more rejuvenating.

Every stage of a female requires Chi nourishment.
Some women’s issues that are dealt with during this program include:

From Youth to Adult:

  • Mood swings
  • Oily skin
  • Headaches and sleep
  • Menstrual pain
  • Endometriosis
  • Infertility
  • Inflammation
  • Urinary issues
  • Digestion

    From 40s to 60s:

    • Cysts, fibroids and cancer
    • Menopausal
    • Peri-menopausal
    • Postmenopausal issues
    • Dry skin
    • Lose collagen and wrinkles
    • Hot flashes
    • Night sweats
    • Vaginal dryness
    • Irritability and other mood changes
    • Fatigue, sleeping problems
    • Inflammation and bleeding
    • Urinary problems
    • Weak kidneys
    • Joints problems
    • Bone density
    • Sexual energy


    It’s now 6am in Melbourne and I woke up about 15 minutes ago after the deepest sleep in ages and with my hives 99% vanished. All this week, I have been sleeping restlessly and waking up at 3am because of unbearable itching.
    I know this is only because of your magic healing touch in yesterday’s Women’s Qi Gong class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
    Love and gratitude

    Master Teresa’s Women’s QiGong classes were exactly what I needed as I moved through so many challenges this past year; both physically and emotionally. 

    It is rare and such a blessing to be mentored and lead by a female Qi Gong Master as this role was traditionally held by men alone. Having Master Teresa focus on our needs, as women, was a wonderful opportunity to learn, listen and nurture ourselves in a world where many of us are juggling multiple roles as caregivers and breadwinners.

    It was truly a gift to myself to be lead by Master Teresa and to be a part of this wonderful group of strong women.


    Master Teresa is truly one of the most remarkable Qi Gong masters. I have had the pleasure to experience. I have had remarkable sessions with her in person and most recently absolutely incredible sessions via Zoom. Each session has truly been transcendent.

    Crystal Santos-Copage

    Action Actress, Martial Artist, Stuntwoman, Crystal won Best Leading Actress in a Feature Film for her portrayal of Rochelle in the film Mayday at the Art 4 Peace Awards Cinematic Category in Beverly Hill, California, USA. Honored by The Martial Arts History Museum on March 7, 2018. The event was titled Crystal Santos Day.

    Master Teresa is an amazing healer! For anyone who needs a heart or physical healing right now she is the bomb.dot com. All done remotely with or without you… On zoom, Skype, phone, or on your behalf if you can’t show up. She is extremely powerful. I work with Teresa and I’m so grateful for her gifts. Highly recommended!

    Debbi Dachinger

    Host of the Dare to Dream podcast and Media Visibility Strategist, California, USA.

    Master Teresa is very unique in her teaching style and she is the real deal. Her willingness to just help another, is incredible. However, her mission is not only to help as many as she is able to on her journey, but also to provide people with the tools, so that they can help heal themselves and maintain their well-being. (Hence her simple way of explaining the Qi Gong concepts and the beginner practice). I’ve had the pleasure of working with her in person and remotely, and her pure loving energy is unmistakable.


    For many years I have struggled with health issues and have literally ‘tried it all’. My Doctor recommended checking out qigong and after meeting Master Teresa, nothing compares to the passion and commitment she has for being a true healer. 

    I find as much as I learn about qigong, the more I understand that it is a personal practice and even more of the learning comes from physically doing the forms. I have also benefitted greatly having attended online classes and connecting personally with Master Teresa, and her lineage of healers. Master Teresa truly cares about the health and healing of our world, and I hope you too may be able to truly experience the Miraculous Power of Qi Gong!


    Recently, I’ve been going through some health challenges that made me step outside of my comfort zone of arrogance. I attended a one-hour workshop on Qi Gong with Master Teresa. It was quite revealing. I felt the energy in my hands as she explained how to summon it and use it. I attended a seminar one week later, at Eastover, where I had several hours of instruction from her in a group setting.

    I’m not into this kind of thing. But I am into Qi Gong. I believe it’s because Master Teresa’s motives are pure. She has kernels of wisdom that spill out of her mouth, off the cuff, that will surprise you. She understands what this life is about. Her job is to help us live it the best way we can; and she knows for a fact that Qi Gong can help you.

    VL Towler

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