Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® Program

What is Wu’s Eye Qi Gong®?

Master Teresa® Yeung, successor to Grandmaster Weizhao Wu, is the only trained instructor of Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® worldwide.

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History of Wu’s Eye Qi Gong®

Grandmaster Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® style was created in the late 1980’s to help heal his mother’s bleeding eyes; she was going to go blind. His mother quickly recovered completely after practicing his eye qi gong, so much so, that she could put a thread through a needle.

From 1990 to 1992, Master Wu led a 100-person medical team to perform a three-year repetitive scientific research study on 4,000 people to heal eye problems. Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® has proven to have over 90% success rate.

Due to this success, millions of people have practiced the style throughout China, including students in primary and secondary schools. In 1991, Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® was actually videotaped as a medical educational tape for distribution all over China.

Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® has received many awards:

  • 1991 – Guangdong Province Board of Education
  • 1992 – Guangzhou City Physical Education and Science Association
  • 1992 – Guangzhou City Primary School Physical Education and Health Research Association
  • 1993 – Guangzhou Province Preventive Medical Association

Image 1: Grandmaster Wu teaching Eye Qi Gong to Secondary students in China.
Image 2: Grandmaster Wu’s mother, with healed eyes after almost full blindness.


Wu's Eye Qi Gong
Master Wu Mother


I was introduced recently to Eye Qi Gong and after the first class I suddenly realized that I do physical exercise of virtually every muscle in my body except those that move my eyes! Ordinarily our eyes are used at about 10% of their range of movement! Is this couch potato use of the eyes responsible for decreased visual acuity, cataracts and even macular degeneration?
Certainly all other of the 5 basic senses are physically stimulated through a wide range of possibilities.
Just as you need physical exercise at least 30 minutes 5 days a week, it sees logical and perhaps essential to do eye exercises 5 days a week!
Intuitively an physically, after exposure to Eye Qi Gong, I urge you to consider it an essential health habit!

Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D., D. Sc., FACS, DABNS

Detached Retina

In August of 2007, I had an unexpected medical emergency of a detached retina, which caused me a great deal of concern. The doctor said that I had to have surgery urgently to re-attach my retina. I had the surgery immediately on August 17, 2007.

I have a background in mind and body medicine, and realized that if I found the right teacher, I could use energy to assist in my healing. Natural healing is very important to me. I was introduced by my friend, Ed Dolezal, to Master Teresa® before and felt I would like to experience her work. Therefore, I started to practice with her through a few telephone sessions. She taught me how to take my power back by practicing Qi Gong and healed with her Qi.

While feeling improved with the Qi Gong sessions, I was pressured to go for more surgery, which I did. My surgery was successful and the doctor was very impressed by my advanced healing. The attachment was almost perfect, solving over 80 percent of the problem. Altogether I had three eye surgeries, but I never stopped my Qi Gong practice.
Now I have recovered 85 percent of my vision, which is a miracle. Every time I visited the doctor, she was impressed with the speed of my eye recovery. Practicing Qi Gong regularly is indeed very good for my natural healing. Master Teresa® has a positive influence with my eyes!

I want to express my deep respect and appreciation to Master Teresa® for her assistance during my medical/surgical crisis. Thank you again, Master Teresa®, for your excellent care and gentleness in the way you were working with me to help me understand and trust more the power of our inner energies and the method of Qi Gong.
Dr. Roxanne Daleo (Dr.Roxie) has over 20 years experience helping children help themselves with stress-related disorders. A Health Educator who taught at Harvard University Health Services, she has successfully developed programs to foster your child’s resilience, self-esteem and coping for a lifetime of wellness, wholeness and wisdom.

Dr. Roxanne Daleo, PHD

Harvard, Massachusetts, Health Psychology


I suffered some vision loss from glaucoma and intraocular pressure. Since my diagnosis, I’ve been focused on doing everything I can to keep my eye pressure down. I take medicated drops, but I am also making changes to my lifestyle, including trying alternative healing approaches. I was referred to Master Teresa Wu’s Eye Qi Gong® Form and thought I would give it a try, not knowing what to expect. Right away I felt her energy and the comfort that came from her encouragement. She helped me to focus on a number, which was lower than any eye pressure reading I had after months of using my eye drop medication. Amazingly, at my next doctor’s appointment, my eye pressure reading was exactly the number that Master Teresa® had helped me envision. I was very encouraged and will continue to supplement my medicine with Qi Gong practice.

Carlo Di Giovanni, Labour Relations Lawyer

Toronto, Canada, http://www.upfhlaw.ca

Wet and Dry Macular Degeneration

I’ve been doing Master Teresa’s Eye Qigong system for several months and plan to continue with it for the rest of my life. I have wet macular degeneration in one eye and dry macular degeneration in the other. The Qigong practice has slowed down the wet macular degeneration as well as reduced the ocular pressure from 22 points to 13 points.

I started by using the package of three lessons. I did the first lesson for a few weeks, then added the second for a couple of more and then the third lesson for another few weeks. Then I added the fourth lesson, which was taught privately with Master Teresa (online). It included a healing session which felt wonderful and came right through the computer screen! The complete Eye Qigong practice integrates the four lessons into a 20 minute session done twice a day.

C. Gilbert

Macular Degeneration

A patient of mine had been experiencing severe eye pain as a result of macular degeneration. This pain prevented her from reading, that being one of her favourite activities. I taught this patient some very simple breathing, movement and visualization techniques that I had learned from Master Teresa®. After just a few weeks of practicing these exercises for only 15 minutes daily, this patient states that her eye pain is 90 percent improved and she can now read for several hours each day.

Dr. Nelson, MD

Florida, USA

Lazy Eyes

I am surprised that my lazy eyes are better and vision is sharper after only doing 1 and half week of Eye Chi Gong.

Arif Kassam

Calgary, Canada

Father Guiding the Son

For the last 2 years, my son Nick who was 5 years old started doing the Wu’s Eye Qi Gong together almost every night before he goes to bed. I have to give Nick who is 7 now credit that he is being quite serious about this undertaking.

We have seen his prescription go down significantly – so far by almost half (started with 8+ and now is 4.5+.)

It is true that we are also trying to find open minded doctors that will prescribe at the lowest range of his measurments, so that his eyes are allowed to improve and not overly supported by too strong a prescription. But even in the measurments we see a significant improvement, and his acuity of vision is where he has a remarkable success too. To those around it seems the improvement is natural, and he is “lucky”, and I do think the improvement comes for natural reasons, but have no doubt it is due to our work with QiGong.

I was planning to keep a chronology of his improvement and once he is out of glasses, which I have confidence now, he will do, to share this testimonial with other concerned parents and the power of QiGong in general.

I wanted to express my sincere gratitude. I consider myself very lucky to have met Master Teresa and taken the workshop.

Emilian and Nick


Wet Macular Degeneration

You may be interested to learn of the amazing event that happened with my eyes after I emailed you. My earliest symptom was straight lines becoming wavy and distorted. Tonight for the first time, these lines are becoming straighter. I am so grateful.

Eye Qi Gong Student of 4 months

20/20 Vision

Master Teresa I thought I would let you know I took the eye Qi Gong last summer because I was having a hard time seeing and didn’t want to get glasses quite yet.

I turned 46 in the Spring and just recently had my eyes tested. I was quite surprised as well as happy to see my eyes had gotten better and I still have 20 20 vision…especially after my car accident almost 2 yrs a go. I do my eye Qi-Gong every night and morning!

Eye Qi Gong Student

Improve Vision

Practicing Qi Gong every day replaced my need for acupuncture  sessions. When I saw my Eye Doctor in February 2013, he told me that my glasses’ lens prescription was too strong for my eyes. I haven’t been wearing my glasses since then and do feel that my vision is improving!

Stephane C.

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