Qi Gong Programs

Through consistent practice, connect with the power of Pureland Qi Gong®.

Our programs are longer than our workshops, consisting of multiple modules, and will take your qi gong practice to the next level. Targeting specific topics, Master Teresa offers in-depth knowledge focused on some of today’s most important topics: women’s health, eyesight strengthening, balancing difficult emotions, and more.

Learn Qi Gong:
Level 1

Start your Qi Gong journey with the original practice for health and vitality! This program is for all ages and includes Chair Qi Gong which is excellent for neck and shoulder fatigue, Wu’s Health & Fitness Qi Gong, as well as an easy to learn 5-minute Qi Gong session, and more!

Women’s Program

A woman’s physical and emotional life experiences are very unique. The tremendous stresses that female bodies can go through – from pregnancy or infertility, menopause to post-menopause, and hormonal changes or digestive issues – These require a unique methodology to nourish your feminine energy. Master Teresa has designed this course as a gentle, loving and energizing practice, which is healing to the cellular level.

Master Wu’s Eye Qi Gong®

We often focus on exercising our bodies and can forget that our eyes are also organs that need to be exercised as well. Heal your eyes and maintain good eyesight with Wu’s Eye Qi Gong. Available in English, Portuguese, and Chinese Cantonese.

Heart Qi Gong

The Heart Qi Gong program consists of 2 workshops to help you feel better regardless of age or stage in life, or personal circumstance.

(1) Self-Love and Self-Appreciation Heart Chi Gong

(2) Self-Acceptance Heart Chi Gong

7-Style Tai Chi Gong for Beginners

This course is for those who love Qi Gong and want to enjoy some Tai Chi too. This beautiful form was created 20 years ago to help everyone from young to old practice Tai Chi with ease and to improve one’s life force.

Instructor Programs

Interested in teaching qi gong or leaning to share Chi with others? Pureland Qi Gong offers many different styles of instructor training, including qi gong, fa chi, tai chi, feng shui, and more!

Welcome you to join us in our future Retreat.  

Join one of many weekly/monthly workshops to learn about qi gong, speak to others with similar interests, and see if qi gong is for you!

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